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  1. I'm getting high temps in my room high 80's low 90's I've read and heard that after 85 degrees the plants will slow growth or stop growing all together, i was thinking my self that the strain will determine that, does anyone have any input on this?
  2. 80+ is bad, thats really all you need to know. unless you are supplementing co2.
  3. I've read that statistically marijuana plants tend to become female if the temps are low and humidity is high during the first few weeks of vegging. My friends first grow was in the low 80s and only 2/12 were female. Rest were male. Next grow he built in a better vent and fan system and had temps in mid to low 70s and he had all female but one. I try and keep it in mid 70s with some humidity. These were bagseed so I don't know the affect of heat on fem seeds but I'm sure slower growth and less buds will occur
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    That's straight ridiculous, if temps get low or swing drastically u get males. Or if u go from a climate controlled area like indoor and throw it outdoor and get temps diff than it's used to u can bring out the hermi, especially on feminized seeds, also heat doesn't cause slower growth or less buds unless u get over 100F almost 105 ideal for most strains is 74-79*F but if water isn't an issue go to 80-85 with the slightly higher temp it increases the rate of metabolism, when dealing with norm non fem seeds expect 50% to be male, more if u don't pick ur seeds and look for ideal traits on the shell, or if u don't know what u r doin and/or talking about
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    What I said was What I read out of the growers Bible so go argue with him on this stuff and I'm speaking from experience with my friends grows. He's had 5 and the last two because of the conditions he has set up had almost all female plants.
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    And I'm speaking with experience with MY grows, my personal and for my co-op, first hand vs second hand knowledge my friend
    Lol 5 grows is not much at all I've had 5 grows in 4 months, ur friend gettin females has more to do with luck of seeds than his skill level, u can coax sexes to alter but the majority of the time it has nothing to do with prep to get females

  7. Curious, if I understand you correctly, you are saying that there are indicators on the shell of a seed which can help determine sex??? Dubious, but if if true could you elaborate? I know of ways to determine viability by looking at the shell; is that what you mean by the last part?
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    No there's no way to tell what the sex is by looking at the seed, but u can look for admirable traits, look for full looking seeds, not deformed or deflated in any way, striped and spots are indicators or heritage, indica/ sativa/ mix, it's been my experience that when I try to make a tarded seed come out, it usually has problems like hermi, slowed growth or just mutations leaving undesirable plants that require a lot more work
  9. Cool, cool man, thought that's what you meant...thanks.

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