High temps!

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  1. I'm 4.5 weeks into flower and have had humidity problems it being between 70-80 I have managed to get dehumidifier and got it down to around 50 but my temps have now gone up to around 32 I had them at steady 26 before introducing humidifier. I have 1.2 squared tent with 6inch exhaust fan blowing out of tent but not out of roon and 4inch in take coming from outside. Any ideas of how to lower temps a little.? Thanks gc! :)
  2. Struggling to get them both balnced which 1 of the 2 would have worst effects on plants/yield erc . High temp or high humidity?
  3. At high temps the plants just stop, doing it's photosynthesis thing, at high humidity you leave the plant open to fungus and bacteria.
    Get the exhaust out of that room, see if you can add another 4" vent into the room/temp,
    option 3: remove the tent.

  4. Cheers for reply u think if i up grade intake fan to 5incj will help?! I am also going to try get exhaust out of room.hoping to get this sorted tomoz when lights on!! Thank u

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