High temps no co2?

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  1. So as I got to learning about cobs and other units I came across info that most led lights do not give off IR. That was interesting to me because I have like 6 temp gauges I put around my small grow room to try and see the temps ect. I had weird readings of low numbers near the canopy vs other parts of the room. So I bought a laser that tells me the temperature of where I am pointing it.

    I use two California Light Works 440. My temperature of my room at the time w 76, with a conapy temps of 70. That is what threw me off. So I started to read, even on the led compines forums (maybe their site) I seen it talking about running air temperatures of 83-85.

    I mean for me that's great helps even more with the AC bill. But I have the 90f range, and plants did not like that. Yes 5 degrees above I know, but needless to say there was issues. I never set out to keep the room at around 85. I have me room at 82 now and the canopy temps true is 76. I think I want to be around 78.

    So with that I have three questions.

    1. Any led users running their air temps this high? How's that working for you?

    2. Any one know what temp you should run if you want to run co2 with it?

    3. Any one with an led that does use IR on their LED, do you know what your canopy temps ar vs your air?

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  2. Bump. Didn't want it to get lost :p Love any led users insight.
  3. I did ask amare about it. I think you find it interesting since you are getting one as well.

    Hello again. I been doing some readin about IR and led how most do not have it like my current lights. And I should be running my air temps at around 83-85. This makes alotmof since to me since I have a laser to check temps. My air is 82f and my canopy is 75.

    I read your unit does have IR. So my few questions would how much does your IR compare to HID? And will running my air temps (no co2 for now) that high effect plants under your cob? I planned on putts the unit more near the AC. But if I am running temps on the higher side I wanted to make sure the 450 won't cook the plants or cause the water to be pulls from the leaves and start to curl up. I have gotten temps 90+ and had the issue before, and that was with no IR.

    I am in a new spot so will take me a bit to dial it in, but any information will be useful. I planned on the a are being near ac unit, but it's still warmer temps.

    We deliver ~50% more IR than HID. 83-85F air temps with a ~75F@canopy is fine. We have to consider the Humboldt growers who work in 100F+ during summer months and yet they grow up to 12' trees with 20"+ colas. As long as they are hydrated with circulating air, the girls will be fine with temps much higher than the recommended temps. Our panels dissipates substantially less heat than HID since LED's operate at ~15F over ambient temps vs. HID's 700f fireball bulb.


    I been keeping my air temps temps under them around 84F when I can, their canopy gets to around 78 with my gun, they seem to thrive on it so far. I know when I started learning about this stuff, most information that was out was based around HID. Always the "Just stay at 76-78 for good temp range". So kinda blew my mind reading that, but they do seem to be liking it atm.

    Also just a note, I wouldn't recommend blowing very hot air over them, I don't know if 85F air would do it, I done it with 90s before and it made them curl up. My room, I can control what the temps are under the lights, while rest of the room stays cool.

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