High temps inside tent while low outside

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  1. Hey guys, I’m getting temps from 80-85 (lights on) inside my 4x4 grow tent despite the fact that the ambient outside the tent is sometimes as low as 73. When lights are off I’m looking at 71-73 degrees. Lights are about 18” away from the canopy. Because I live in an apartment a window A/C unit is not an option and because of the high initial cost and energy cost of a portable A/C unit is really my last, last resort. That being said here’s what I’m using:

    4” inline fan/filter rated at 203 CFM
    16” oscillating fan
    9” floor fan
    2 “600w” (actual draw 275) Meizhi LED lights
    Window fan with dual 9” fans

    Right now I’ve got the oscillating fans hitting the LED lights and the tops of the plants and the floor fan is doing its thing with a bowl of ice water in front of it. I’ve got the ducting (connected to inline of course) running out of the tent to the window fan. My thought is that because the LED fans are intake they’re sucking in air and blowing out air out. The catch is that I’m not sure it’s safe in regards to cooling the actual lights if I switch them to exhaust.

    Really not sure what my options are and this is the only issue I’m having in the grow. Don't suppose there's an air cooled reflector for LED lights is there?
  2. Seems pretty normal to me. If you had a 6" inline you would likely get slightly lower temps but they are fine as they are.
  3. Well I'm letting the inline run at max today so it'll replace the air in the entire tent every 30 seconds or so. Usually run it at half. I suppose so long as it's getting enough Co2 it's fine like you said.
  4. If you've only been running it at 1/2 speed it will make a huge difference.
  5. Actually 2/3. Not able to put it at half.

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  6. I did a grow in a 4x4 and I had no choice to run it 100% the entire grow but I had 2 600w and 4 300w leds. It should be enough at 100%.
  7. What were your temps at?

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  8. About where yours are but it was a winter grow so much lower ambients.

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