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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by AZIZI88, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. We do NOT come from apes. That is all.
  2. You're right, we didn't.. we share a common ancestor that we both evolved from.
  3. No, we evolved from clams. Ask any scientologist.
  4. Its 2014....how the hell do people still think this nonsense?...ignorance is a choice at this stage...

    If you don't understand evolution, instead of creating threads to display your ignorance, how about do some research or take a class or something...
  5. With the lack of a counter argument against us not coming from apes, I am hoping that it was made to be funny.. cause you always see people saying we did or didn't come from monkeys, then someone says we didn't, we came from apes.. but even that really isn't true. I mean the lines between monkeys/apes or just primates in general gets kind of blurry when you start going way back in time.. so its easy to just say we came from something rather than getting into too much detail of how we only shared a common ancestor with the apes of today.
  6. You came from a sperm that your dad blew into your mom.. and evolved from that into what you are today.... BUT, humans evolving from an earlier species is too hard to believe? Mmmkay.
  7. Scientology? Pfffft even more reason not to believe that shit. Sorry thats just my opinion.
    What do you believe? Like what was the reasoning behind making this thread? Do you believe we were created by a god? Do you not believe we evolved into what we are today?
  9. I believe we do not come from apes. Ive been hearing all day "We come from apes" I wanted to know what everyone else thought. I doubt we came from clams though, but thats just my opinion.
  10. For fuck sake. I was joking. Scientology is a bullshit scam, and I do not believe we came from clams.
  11. So you just ignored all of the relevant responses? Was your objective only to read the joke opinions?
    So... what do you believe? You need to understand the reason people say we came from apes.. Both humans and apes of today shared a common ancestor like 6-8 million years ago. Like all branches, they split at some point in time. Around that time, a group branched out from our common ancestor to form the line that would eventually lead to hominids and another group branched off that evolved into today's apes.
  13. Telling people what to do? Whos ignorant now? Nobody told you to read it. If you dont like it dont fckng read it.
  14. Technically, he suggested bluntly. So still just you.
  15. Skeptic. Ill believe it when i see it. We are all entitled to our own opinion arent we?
  16. You again LOL
  17. I wish more human specues survived to the modern age.

    If they did, would we mistreat them? We cant even agree not to kill over race or religion.

    Perhaps the other human species to die off were lucky. Imagine the horrors :/
    Well when you invent a time machine.. let me know cause I'd like to see it firsthand too.
    Do you think if I ask you a third time you'll answer? What do you believe?
  19. Honestly, I dont know. But it doesnt matter what anyone believes because there will always be someone who disagrees and believes different.
    Well if you don't know what you even believe, how can you know what you don't believe? If you honestly don't believe we evolved, you must have a counter belief of sorts keeping you from believing that.. so what is it?

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