High speed pursuit leads to police brutality.

Discussion in 'General' started by Sour Kush, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Holy christ, is that guy still alive?
  2. They'll get a few weeks paid leave and have to do street patrol for a little while.

  3. Actually, they were fired.

  4. Wow. First time in a long time they actually got repercussions. Usually I hear the cops tazed or beat a defenseless person and they just got paid leave or a transfer.

    They should have been charged with what a normal citizen would have been charged with. Probably attempted murder or at least assault.

    They got fired but there still above the law.
  5. They deserve a fucking prison sentence as well. That's why they need to be careful who the fuck they hire, but any schmuck who has a brain and is in shape can get a badge.
  6. I understand that these cops were definitely in the wrong for beating the shit out of the guy when he was already out cold. But if you see in the beginning how the driver was just an inch away from running over the cop, you could understand the why someone might do that. Of course it can't be tolerated because these are cops and they should learn to control their emotions in situations like these. That's why we give them authority and guns. But with your adrenaline pumping and just having seen some shithole almost run over your friend, I would take a few hits at him too unconscious or not.

    Edit: Watching it again, it looks like the dude is trying to hit him.
  7. Hes knocked out cold after being thrown from a flipping vehicle.

    So 6 cops decide its a good idea to start kicking and punching the shit out of him.

    Every single one of those cops needs to be in a jail cell for a long long time.
  8. Actually from what I can see you don't even need to be "in shape" to be a Police Officer.

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