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High Skills

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ClintonBoss69, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Does anyone else have skills that they are only good at when they are completley baked?

    I have decent beat boxing skills, like i can make some prety complex beats, but when i even attempt it sober i sound like a jackass

    Or rolling joints, idk what it is but i have a whole new skill set when im baked.

    does anyone else have this gift?
  2. when im high i can hella understand boom hower from king of the hill :hello:
  3. i can run like a motherfucker when i'm high. actually pretty much anything that requires endurance; i am very good at when high.

    i just get in the zone and completely ignore the pain of going on and focus in on the beauty of nature or whatever it is i am around when i am running, biking, hiking, climbing, etc.
  4. lol thelastkennedy, that's amazing.

    I love playing drums or the fiddle while high. Percussion is always fun, but I wonder sometimes when I'm playing my violin while high if I'm actually good or if I just think I am. haha. :smoking:

    I also get more focused in video games.
  5. haha i envy you, ive always wanted to know what he was saying
  6. My bass playing becomes as funky as the weed I'm smoking...
  7. i get really good at arcade games like this one time i went to scandia after smokin hash and this game where you smash the alligators in the mouth had a high score of 130, and i got 330 hahahahaha.... take that little kids
  8. Video Games
    Basketball (I can't hit a j worth a damn sober)

    lots of other shit I can't remember right now
  9. haha i can see where that game would be the ultimate when burnt, i tend to get pretty agressive at video games when im high, like talking shit on xbox live to 12 year olds
  10. Lol at boomhower, you guys know that if you actually listen closely you can sorta understand what he's talking about, just read between the dang ol's :D

    As for high skills, I have a "special" joint that I came up with while totally high and when I try to roll it sober, I'm the failsauce. Once I get a couple bowls in me it just comes together somehow.
  11. i can make cool beats on FL studio.
    when sober im useless at it.
  12. I ROCK at crosswords when stoned, i can polish off most of em, yet sober, the dyslexia takes over, i can not do simple ones sober, but stoned, the words and letters just flow
  13. I can win hotdog eating contests, go to sleep, and laugh my ass off. (all of those can be done without any problem at all)
  14. Haha, i love playing drums when and while blazing, it gets real creative :smoke:
  15. i can juggle on my unicycle
  16. I have super beer pong skills when I am really baked :D
  17. Thats another one, i am horrible unless im at least one bowl deep, then if i lose i go and smoke again and come back and pown:D
  18. My beatbox skills are good sober, but they jump to the next level when stoned.

    Can't think of any skills that I only possess while stoned though...
  19. I can read people about 30 times better when I'm blazed.
  20. im awsome at drawing. i drew a self portrait once at first it looked like fat albert lol but once i put in the details it looked JUST like me like i was amazed...

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