High sharpie drawings

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by chet youbetcha, Nov 26, 2011.

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    Some doodling

  2. #SWAG
    I like your style man.
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    a new one:

  4. your gifted man. Id like to keep seeing these.. +rep
  5. Thanks man, I appreciate it. As long as I keep getting bored you'll keep seeing em

    Rebelution piece of mind cover:


    I'm up for suggestions too :)
  6. I drew on these shoes a while back. They have holes in them now though haha

    Day N Nite theme


  7. Damn man, your artwork is sick. I'm waiting on that peace of mind album too haha. Post some more stuff up!
  8. I've seen those shoes before weren't those in another thread?

  9. Ya that I made

  10. I wasn't trying to accuse you of anything I just wanted to know I wasn't crazy
  11. Those shoes are sick!
  12. You should sell shoes like that dude
  13. Your drawings are really good
  14. Dam your very talented, i dont have one ounce of artistic ability in my genes, consider yourself lucky.

  15. I probably should have elaborated more lol. Iiantevenmad. You're not crazy
  16. my roommate wanted a "doodle" for Christmas. I'm not much of a ben harper fan but she loves him

  17. nice stuff bro
  18. The cudi shoes are dope as fuck man! I want a pair now ha

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