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    Let's talk about High School. 

  2. wen I was 16 one time in algebra class I showed up high as fuck n as the class started I put my head down to sleep I guess, as the teacher was talkin I remember him standing next to me n sayin "whats that smell it smells like reefer" n then he sniffs my sweater n im freaking out at the time as he says "where you smoking" while hes laughing n the rest of the class is laughing n telling me to tell him bcuz he already knew I did. I just kept shaking my head n saying no while tripping hard. its kinda funny nowSent from my SPH-L720 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. That's funny as hell! My geometry teacher used to jam out to Reggae like every day and he talked shit about the material he had to teach and the way the school systems in America work all the time, he was the man. He probably knew I was high but he never said anything, he usually let me sleep. 
  4. Well, my high school life is shit
    That all i can tell you..... i am an antisocial fuck back then.... and will be till the day i die
  5. Hmmm, those are the worst situations ever when you're at school. One time i left class to go chief a bowl with my g pen and i come back and there is a security guard searching everyone's back pack for a stolen phone which he found in the backpack right before mine. I had a few things of adderal in my back pack
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    Oh shit. What kind of heat did you take for that? 
  7. yea I got searched a couple times at school while high. not a good feeling at all hahaSent from my SPH-L720 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. Had to make up a speech after school in front of just the teacher, just a small 5min deal. Well my buddies picked me up and I cut class and smoke and had a few beers and completely forgot about this speach, I remembered it in enough time to make it back to school. By this point I'm just a mess and I gave this speach without note cards or anything and it lasted about a minute and a half.

    This teachers just asking me about Mulbary harbors (speach topic) and basically playing 20 questions with me to make it take the whole 5 mins. It was terrible to say the least, she had to of known I was on some something Christ it was like watching a Charlie Sean interview haha well that's my contribution
  9. I kept to myself and never brought any to school so I managed to stay under the radar. I was also pretty successful in getting away with it at home, but here's a little story of how I almost got caught: I was 16, my friend and I had just gotten back to my house after a series of bus rides to go buy a bong. We were eager to use the bong as soon as we got home, it was around 3 o' clock. We said hello to my dad and went right up to my room and started smoking. I dont usually open the window but I had incense going and it was a really small room so I opened it to keep it from getting too smokey. We were just about done when my dad came in, I heard him coming so I was able to hide the bong behind a curtain and out of view. I sat down really fast as my dad walked in, he straight up accused me. He asked about the smoke and the open window. I got really defensive (probably too defensive because of the weed) and just said, "It's the incense." Either my dad is super gullible or he didn't care because he bought it right away. 
  10. I was kind of a loser in high school but as some people on this site must know, even losers can get weed in HS. I used to buy from this kind I was kind of friends with in high school, but in sophomore year I got caught buying it in school and I got so fucked. I obviously didn't stop smoking though.
  11. I had a teacher who always accused me of being "stoned" (sometimes I was sometimes I wasn't) and she even went as far as to tell another student in my class that my papers always smelled like weed (ya right) and that she only difnt tell the deans about it because she didn't know my parents and they could sue her lol
  12. Did me no good. The most valuable things I've learned was from my own studying not from a teacher. Don't get me wrong all those classes are good but they don't help you survive this world. But I did enjoy the social part of it. Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. Waste of time. Senior year was the best but nothing extravagant. I have a few decent stories I guess.
  14. Waste of time, didn't learn shit. A school full of dick head ghetto folk and white trash. Smoked at school a few times, was stoned a lot, even involved in a special brownie fiasco where they caught dozens of kids that bought them because a couple of the dudes selling them ratted everyone out.

    Basically the administrators/teachers always knew I smoked and shit but they could never prove it.... So lucky I didn't get drug tested

    High school sucked
  15. Buddy made weed brownies, got confiscated by teacher. She put it in her desk and told us she was saving it for after school lolSent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    Poor high school kids today. I was there during the hippie era; shit we did routinely then would get you arrested today.
    I still think those old landraces we smoked then were better too. Not as potent as the new hybrid shit, but smoked way better, and still plenty strong to get all kinds of fucked up.
  17. High school was pretty dope for me. Not too much happened but the things that did happen were fucking awesome. Me and my friend always leave during our lunch period senior year and we would go to his house(lives around the corner from the school) and we would smoke a few blunts then walk back. But one day after we smoked and got back to the school i had an acting class exam where you had to act out a scene. My acting teacher was cool but i know she knew i was high because she kept starring at me and laughing. And she made me go first. Long story short i messed up a few times cause i couldnt stop laughing. But after calming down i was able to perform my scene flawlessly and got an A. And even after class she called me over and said "great job mal, maybe you shoudlve came to class like that all year". I just laughed and leftSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  18. I had art one year as my first block, and I would always show up stoned. The teacher never said anything, and I know you could probably smell it on me because some days I forgot to respray my perfume. Plus, all of my ideas for projects / pictures didn't make any sense. I remember she made me paint this big thing for prom on my birthday. My friend and I didn't do so hot on it, so we hid for the rest of the class. High school was kind of fun. Junior year was the best. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  19. My class once took a field trip to the zoo. My buddies and I all had some chocolate edibles. We ate them in a bathroom haha we took turns going in a stall. By the time I walked out the door, the feeling hit me like a ton of bricks. The nature aspect of the field trip was awesome. Haha we were high as a kite. I napped by a tree after eating lunch. Was a memorable experience.
  20. Back junior year my history teacher used to put Forrest Gump on every Friday. I was talking to this girl next to me when he came over and to took the half smoked joint I left in my ear by accident.

    He called me over when I was leavin class, thought I was fucked, but he gave me my J back. As I walked out he's all "If you think that girls spunky, cover your monkey!"

    I was hella weak all the way to my next class lol.

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