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  1. When I was a softmore me and 3 of my friends went to the baseball feild and started hitting my peice. Right as we finished up and were pretty cooked a janitor came up by the feild. Long story short I threw my pipe as far as I could (found it later unharmed) ran the full length of the baseball feild holding my gym clothes and shoes, hopped a 10 foot fence, ran around the neighborhood, and still made it back to PE in time for some baked badminton. Now that I a senior am have a half day schedual I just rip my bong and then go to school lol :bongin:
  2. During senior year I would eat a firecracker in my 1st period like every other day and eeeasily be an 8/10 by the next class. No smell, no sneaking off to toke in some closet or bathroom stall, took 4 seconds to put in some eyedrops and I was fucking golden, blazed all day. Absolutely no chance of getting caught, it was perfect. There's no way I would have gotten through a year of a government class sober
  3. Nope! Never smoked until I was 21. I have been smoking consistently for the past 3 months. Getting high at least once a day. I will be 23 in June this year. I just chuckle when I look back with my old school friends and think about how against it I was. People can and DO change. I love you Mary Jane! Lol

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  4. Never smoked before or during class. But I remember the first time I smoked I was still high the next day and I'm looking at the clock like hurry up lunch. Oh the memories
  5. I got arrested in school a few months after i started smoking. Eventually i would end up smoking before, in between and after school. I got kicked out 2 or 3 times and they let me back in until i got kicked out the last time to go to rehab and i relapsed and managed to take my GED before i went back to rehab again and became a "high school graduate" via GED.
  6. Oh how I miss the days. Smoking in the parking lot. Smoking in the shop. Hell we used to smoke a vap in the back of the bus for road games during soccer and basketball. Made a lot of stoner friends from other schools that way. My favorite memory by far was 4/20 my senior year when our phy ed teacher ( who many believe smokes ) planned a field trip frisbee golfing. Me and 3 buddies loaded up a pill bottle with doobies and chiefed the whole time. Best day of school ever. Only other class was Microsoft applications where I got 99 woodcutting in runescape. Oh runescape. Oh high school. How I miss you.

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  7. My last 3 years of highschool I would smoke 1g blunts with this 25 year old black guy named Mo every morning. To this day I still don't know if that was his real name or not lol. We met when I was smoking a bowl at a park, he drives on up, asks for a smoke and the rest as they say, is history!

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  8. I used to come to school high as a kite during my junior year. Even ripped my bong in the parking lot a few times. Realized that was stupid childish shit and now i go to school sober. Same goes for work. Theres a time and place for toking

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  9. my high school is very large, about 2500 people.  there are many different sections of the building, including a Tech Ed / Workshop area.  however, those classes didn't start until 3rd period.  me and my buddies would (usually 4 out of 5 days of the week) go hangout in those rooms and just smoke and chill and shit until first period.  it got out of hand though since people started to find out and people would come chill with us and we were afraid of getting caught.  but by this time we were juniors and had parking passes, so we would hot box in our cars and let the freshman take our place :p
  10. MFLB in class

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  11. In grade 11 I started going to school high, and one time I smoked a pipe behind a tree with some friends. But in grade 12 I was stoned everyday, I would just smoke in my car before I got there, at lunch, and when I got home too hahah I don't smoke thaaat much anymore

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  12. i slept a lot in school and was generally lethargic... smoking would have just exacerbated that. so I waited til after school...
  13. When vapes became a big thing in my city, EVERYONE had one at school. I would venture to say that almost 70% of my 1000 person school was high at least once in the year. We would hit our vapes anywhere, so sure enough one day we got caught. I was questioned by my principal, as well as the police, about where the half oz of pot in my locker came from. Didn't squeal, but I do have a shitty time getting a job right now because of my criminal record. I'm 17, so my record gets wiped next year (I think). All this because of the greatest creation God has blessed us with.

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  14. I was one who once dared
    But once you come close enough to actually getting caught, you realize it's time to chill out and think things a bit better haha, but i was lucky, twice
    The first time was bad but not bad enough to convince me as the second >.>
  15. all of my good friends and I parked in the furthest parking lot from the school, still on campus just furthest walk, and no one else would park there and we could easily chief in our cars/outside in the parking lot during lunch/class/whenever we wanted. I probably chiefed at my hs at least 200 times before

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    Me and all my buddies cut a hole through the fence into a little forest thing, and always smoked it up in there. By senior year, we had moved out some couches for back there, and just fucked shit up from the couch. We called it the pit :')

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