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  1. Back in high Scholl me and my friends would always smoke up!! At school we had an upstairs gym and a lower level gym well in the upstairs gym if u had a your school id you could pick the lock and get in we would smoke under the bleachers there all the time no one ever went in there but we also smoked in the locker rooms in under the bleachers in the lower level gym...that was kinda stupid...lol we also had off campus lunch so we would get super baked during lunch...mt class after lunch was english and that was the most chill class. But every day my homeboy would be like what's wrong and id just say im was sleepy haha he sometimes would bring me bomb ass drinks from sonic too haha he was a cool homie!

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  2. All of the above. Before after during I have some stories for sure!. I always smoke before and after school and sometimes skip class to go on a burn cruise. But I have a few in school stories. Me and 2 of my friends frequently skipped a class and snuck into the auditorium through a locked door (one kid was in band and had an in and put a peice of wood in the lock so it wouldn't lock) then had to walk up stairs, then climb a ladder, and fer that we were above the auditorium were the lights are and just blazed some bowls. Never got caught doing that. It was cool because you could walk about 100 feet and there was a door to the roof. We even did this with people in class below us. But one time me and 1 friend from the auditorium sessions and a different friend sat in the bathroom. Three stalls, one each. I had my bubbler and we each sat in a stall with a sploof and passed it under the stall hahaha then my teacher came in and said "are you guys alright in there?" And the last time I blazed at that school we were actually outside on a trail and this is how I got caught. We were done blazing and we pretended to run because that's what the track team was doing and that very same teacher from the bathroom switched on my and me my friend kenny. I got busted with my bowl. I didn't even smoke that bowl out there it was my other friends pipe and weed but they only searched us. There was 4 of us and we walked down in groups. Me and derrick went down. And me and Liam came out. I was never even with Kenny in camera veiw and they said it was us they saw on camera. Which is how I found out those were phony cameras. Then the next week I got back from suspension 2 days later that teacher AGAIN snitched on me! This time he said he smelled it on me when I didn't even smoke that day at all. So he reported me and they searched me again and found my one hitter and took it. I got suspended and had to do community service

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  3. Back in auto mechanics class in high school me and my buddy would go to the tool closet and smoke since the teacher didn't come out of the class room to keep an eye on us. Us 2 and like 8 Mexicans in that class all got fucked up.

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  4. I smoked before school and my teacher was like "Hey you don't look so good. Are you okay?" Of course I was decently ripped and come the next day I didn't come high and he said I looked better. Never forget clear eyes.

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  5. Man this is me 100% I've got like 11 more weeks of senior year

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  6. I take my pax to the bathroom, go in a stall, put a little bit of wax in it. And toke it on the stall. Doesn't smell, no one has ever noticed and I've even had buddies in the stall beside me passing back and forth hahah. I got to a catholic school too. Where the drug use and pregnancy rate is higher than any of the public schools haha

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    Occasionally all throughout Sophomore and Junior year I would slip out for a smoke or wake and bake. For senior year, though, I signed up for this online AP Computer Science class and since I already had a handle on Java I would just not show up for the first one and a half hours of school (Block scheduling) and light up right before second hour. Still high in time for lunch xD
    College, though, is a different story. Pretty much take every opportunity I can to get fried, I'd hate to go to Discrete Math sober haha. Plus during first semester I found that the only days I wouldn't get Calculus were the days I went in sober and wound up being too bored/annoyed/distracted/depressed to care.
    After school a few times with my friends in a spot behind the tennis courts, good times lol.
    I know someone who smoked a full joint in class lmao my fatass teacher never noticed, I am surprised. Either way dude is a fucking retard lmao.
  9. Well hears my story.
    Keep in mind I live in the south.
    Me and a freind decided that we should smoke a FAT joint of bluedream the next day.so that night roll I it up ect.when I get to school I find out that our classes had switched around so I had an agricultural class first thing.we decided that as soon as the bell rang we woild just walk down to the pig barn(its exactly what its name implies) blaze it up then go to class.we smoked it and went to class smelling like very good blue dream. We walk in the room just faded and the teacher asks why we were late and why we were coming from the pig barns direction.(im like ooooo fuck were caught) freind just says he left his bag down there the day before and was just going to retrieve it.teacher was okay with that answer and we watched some video about slaughtering cows just completely toasted.

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  10. I always smoked a joint on the way so I would never have any evidence on me. First 3-4 periods where great then I would be drained for the last 3-4 periods. Good times

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  11. I smoked everyday in my grade twelve year. Used to smoke in my car at lunch or skip class and go driving with my friends. Every teacher in the school knew they just didn't give a fuck.
  12. Actually I just remembered one time when I was getting suspended I had to go to the v.ps office and she was talking to me saying I wasn't being myself and that I seemed upset. She was really chill and was saying sorry for having to suspend me and I was sitting there just not talking or responding at all the whole time. I'm pretty sure she knew, because every other teacher did, but I still don't know for sure. 
  13. I would always toke with a couple friends before or during class. There was a sweet area not too far from the school where everyone would meet to blaze. I remember one time specifically in gym class where we were running the "cooper run", a few of us managed to sneak away (we were running outside so we just ducked through nearby bushes lol) we ran to the stoner spot, toked, and managed to get back in time to make it looked like we finished the run. I don't know how the hell we pulled that one off, I feel like I shouldn't have gotten away with half the shit I did. Luck or good karma haha ✌️

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  14. My sophomore junior and senior year I went to a credit recovery school since I failed my freshman year so I could graduate with my class and the teachers or principles don't really give that much of a shit what we did we could walk around chewing tobacco, smoke in the bathrooms, we could always smoke weed or synthetic weed on te way from our normal high school to there, hell I personally smoked synthetic weed in class when the teachers where out if the room or not looking, and the failures from every school in the district went there and we never hardly done work because te teachers didn't make us even though there was only 100 or so kids there every year there was a few that stayd all 3 with me we had some good times getting high all kinds of differnt ways at school, toast with cannabutter on it was my favorite .... We all just bullshitted all day I met some of the best and worst people and made a shit load of memories, high school was some good times man
  15. I remember the days. It was my sophomore year. I was in band, I attended a school that consisted of mostly black people. Many people I band knew I smoked, even one of the directors. I remember it being finals for band class. I finishes mine in around 20 minutes or so and I had 2 hours to blow off. So I told my friend let's smoke, we went behind these shacks at my school that were vacant. Around 3 blunts and 2 bowls later I walk into class. Once I walk in I can feel how hard my smile was. I went to sit down and my ban director told me to go into his office. I closed the door. He looked into my bloodshot eyes, went into his desk door and pulled out a case of eye drops and a bag of chips. He said, "don't smile as hard and you'll be good." I was defiantly thinking he's a badass. I think that was the best teacher ever.

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  16. I'm still in high school and I smoke everyday before school and it's amazing and my parents know so I don't really worry about getting caught but I'll skip a class to go smoke a blunt if the opportunity is available.

  17. I'm still in high school and I smoke everyday before school and it's amazing and my parents know so I don't really worry about getting caught but I'll skip a class to go smoke a blunt if the opportunity is available.

  18. I smoked before school ,during school (outside on the bridge beside the school behind the bushes and once in the bathroom) ,and after school. Up until I got kicked out in tenth grade for slinging unmentionables.
  19. I love going to school high. I would always smoke before school and put it in my purse and carry it around with me because I'm to scared they would bring the dogs in for locker and car searches. So I was high and I smelled like straight weed and none of my teachers ever said anything😂

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  20. Never during school except for a vape once but we would always take blunt rides on the way to school

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