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  1. Never was one to get high in high school.
    I remember getting drunk once in a while in school though. 

  2. [quote name="ninja_toker" post="18908236" timestamp="1383165048"]They never knew because I was pretty good at hidin it, after some practice of course, and I was the type of kid that you'd never know I smoke.[/quote]You and I both. When people found out, they were shocked.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. [quote name="cavebuilder" post="19346922" timestamp="1389819931"]You and I both. When people found out, they were shocked.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum[/quote]They know now tho lol. It's all I ever do. Sent from my Penis using Grasscity ForumSuccess is gained by those who show up to receive it~~~
  4. [quote name="ninja_toker" post="19350228" timestamp="1389852408"]They know now tho lol. It's all I ever do. Sent from my Penis using Grasscity ForumSuccess is gained by those who show up to receive it~~~[/quote]Same for the most part. I'm still able to slide by a few. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. about every other day me and a buddy would leave during study hour and go to woods by his apartment smoke hella bowls with his brother, usually smoke a cigar and go back. we both had weight lifting haha never did shit when I was stoned. those leg workout machines seat is bad ass
  6. With the bad weather here in Chicago, I've been coming to school late. The other day I arrived late for my first period of the day, high of course, and, unbeknownst to me, my teacher was giving us a 100 question test. I took the constitution test and passed with walking colors, you know, because they weren't flying. ----------------------------------Larry King should be the 12th Doctor.
  7. Every year my school had a market day with plenty of food as well as sport tournaments like soccer, dodge ball etc. my friends and I always blazed up before hand. We would eat as much as possible after we kicked some ass in soccer. The food, friends, games and the fact that the teachers and other students had no idea made it some of the most memorable highs ever!   
  8. My friend would bring his Pax vape to class and me himand 1-2 other kids would go to the back of the classroom, sit behind some tables so the teacher couldn't see us.  It was right before lunch too, straight as fuck
  9. Freshman year me and a couple buddies lit up in the designated smoking area by the side door of our school, principle was waiting for us at the door haha. Stunk up the whole hallway. Wrote every final exam high an probably went to class high 60% of the time, marks always stayed in the high 70s though!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10.      I was that kid who hotbodex his car right before class... whoever wanted to join would fork over a buck or two for lunch and join in!!! Good times...
    Marijuana is a wonderful thing, man.  At some points in class when I was realllllly stoned I would just look around at everyone and think... think about their lives, their futures, their personalities, relationships, and their attitude at the time... I would listen in class because I had to, but I remember thinking how indoctrinating high school really was for kids...
  11. Smoked before, vaped during, smoked after

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  12. I had an elevator key and a new pax...life was good..

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  13. I did like 60% of my smoking on campus when i was in highschool. behind the gym, behind the pool fence, near the old baseball diamond. The best spot was our lunch spot hop the gate and go to the seven eleven down the road and there was a little cubby spot behind some bushes on the side of the store. Arizona tea and bud the road to all good grades.
  14. I would look at people and think the same thing...it was trippy

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  15. I would smoke before, during and after haha. I would smoke a blunt on the way to class, lunch time, we can eat outside And there's a nature trail close by that basically everyone who smokes goes to. And then after class, id smoke a bowl in the parking lot and leave. But as I got to my senior year, I finally learned all the hallways and shit and there was this old bathroom from the old part of the school (they added into it) so I would go to this bathroom and light up in there. The school was big enough so no one bothered. And if I had a vape I could do it more easily.

    Anyways. One time this kid sparked his bowl in his jacket in the middle of calculus and the teacher walked by and was like what's that smell and he just looks at her and says "I sharted" was fucking hilarious
  16. In 9th or 10th grade for some reason we decided to chop up underneath the drama classroom at lunch in this little corner where nobody ever goes. Stupidest idea ever. Next minute the teacher walks around the corner and half of the group ran straight away while me and two others kind of just froze. He was like "What do you think you're doing?! That's the first thing that will get you sent straight up to the office! Get out of here now!" And I think he told another teacher and they just followed us around the school for the rest of lunch.

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  17. One time in 10th grade I got baked before school and I had art class first up. The teacher was talking to the class and then suddenly she was halfway though yelling at me and I had no idea why but I just sort of said sorry anyway and asked my friend what I did wrong and apparently I was pissing myself laughing for like ten minutes straight but I swear I was sitting there silently.

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  18. My friend owns a G Pen and me and my friends all decided if we won our football game we would celebrate on the bus ride back. He had it loaded with shatter, stronger than the usual wax you put in those. He warned me one hit would get me pretty stoned. After the victory we toked up on the way back, we took many hits. We got back and the coach called the post game speech in front and we all had to stand there stoned out of our minds with bloodshot eyes. They had to know we were stoned we were even laughing a bunch. Nothing happened though and it was a great time, but it felt like the coach was staring into my soul, I'll never forget that experience.

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    i left high school last year but i smoked before school and after school in the bleachers where the baseball field were; a lot of people were smoking at this bridge behind the school until cops got hip

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  20. First time I smoked at school I was still getting jit high. So my friends and I walked out towards the woods past a hill near our school, burned down and I walked back in with shutter vision hard.

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