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    Were you someone who smoked while class was in session? Before school? Anywhere in or outside of the building?Did you ever get caught? Share your story.
  2. Back in the day me and my friends all had lunch at the same time so we would go out the back doors and run across the baseball field and jump over the fence then hide under a tree and smoke up.

  3. I used to use my mflb all day everyday
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  4. In 10th grade, during P.E., me and my friends decided it would be an awesome idea to whip out his one hitter and go to town. We were standing behind the goal post and would take really fast hits. By the time the duration of the lap running was over me and my friend were completed checked out. We played dodge ball a little later and it felt like the matrix.

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  5. I never did but when I was in high school the bathrooms by the math room always smelled like weed lol. And there were cameras outside and the kids would always get caught. They never learned.

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  6. Yeah, there were kids that would think that they were really slick by smoking under the bleachers on the field. Lol
    Always got caught, cause they were quite silly.

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  7. Smoke everyday during lunch with my group of 7 stoners each day one guy rolls a jay so that way we share. We sit near the baseball feild on some bleachers and toke up hella fast.
  8. Lol the memories..... There was a deep forest about 4 minutes away from the school. I bought an 8.5 inch tall HoSS bong just for the purpose of carrying it around ever where, also had a sme'll proof.case. Me and my.fellow stoner.friends would.rip that then go to class ripped. I miss those days

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  9. Heck, I used to get to school pretty early and lit up in the bathroom many times. There was actually a guy who opened the bathroom door while I was taking a hit in the stall, he never walked in, I just heard the door shut. I thought it was so damn funny.

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  10. I had a chemistry teacher who had no control over class and a few of us smoked a bowl out the window. During football practice a friend and myself smoked in 8th grade and our freshman year during 2 a days. Worst. Idea. Ever.
  11. I would go to my car between classes and take a few hits, and during lunch my friend and I would go get fast food and then smoke in the parking lot. I did this everyday except a couple times when we would get caught walking to my car

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  12. I remember this one time we had a substitute and she was a airhead I guess you could say. So about 5 of us went in the back room where It was ventilated and smoked out. when we got out this random kid wanted to go back there and smoke the roach. When he went back there the teacher finally smelt it. (We were spraying spray paint & axe). But then the sub walked in there and told him to get out. He didnt get in trouble but I felt a lil bad lol. We were in there with the serious munchies and couldn't stop laughing. The teacher didnt even expect us to be high. Good times lol

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  13. Got so high during lunchtime once in year 11, then remembered I already had to meet a teacher in the library for a previous detention.

    When I got to the library the teacher look me straight in the eyes and says "you've been smoking reefer haven't you" I laughed nonstop for about what felt like 15 mins, the whole time he was going on about how his going to tell the cops, principal, my parents.
    Which only made me laugh more and more till he walked off in complete anger.

    And he never dobbed me in either.

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  14. Man I never smoked at school but I once smoked a joint on the back of our lacrosse bus. Bad idea very strong smell of ganj !!!!
  15. Used to wake n bake before school every day. Not dumb enough to toke at my school though, cameras everywhere, and dank weed smells easily. The few that dared always got caught.
  16. My high school was were you went when you wanted to get high and didnt have any bud or buddies to bake with

    Everyday when the lunch bell rang you could watch groups of kids going in all different directions, and you had to smile because you know nearly all of them are going to get high

    So we would look around for about 10 seconds to find someone to blaze with , listening for the regular calls of "lets get baked!" , "wheres your pipe bro?" , "whos got some papers?" And we knew who to look for

    After we had our group we would set out to any number of spots, lookong for one that wasnt already occupied by a smoking session, maybe a buddy would even come by in a van, or we would just sit in the grass in the open

    Ahh those were the days, getting baked every lunch, break, and spare
    I had a good time in HIGHschoool (;
  17. i member having this bitch of a math teacher, and everyone always complained of getting their homework and tests back smelling like straight up swishers. just stale blunt smell......every single paper.
  18. Funny story is me and my boy went out to smoke a cigarette during one my classes . I was sitting there and this kid who I had just got into a fist fight the week prior comes out to smoke some bud and we were just sitting there awkwardly when he asks if I want to smoke and we dropped all our problems and blazed.

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  19. I would never smoke during class.  Hell, I was afraid to take weed to school for the random drug sweeps 2-3 times a year.  I would usually get stoned on my way to school, and had a few spots in town on the way to hide my stash.  I'd go in stoned, wait for it to wear off, then after school I'd go pick up my stash and get stoned again.
  20. I'd be scared I forgot where I put it or something storing it around town. Either that or someone would find it.

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