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  1. Any other high school seniors out there who take advantage of underclassmen to get tons of cheap weed?

    I pick up for a group of like 10 kids every week, and i get some amazing deals.

    for example this last week i got my own quarter for $30 of some daaaaaank.

    Anyone else got sucess stories? :p
  2. Are you pinching from their bags?
  3. HAHAHAHAHA high school is all about the hustle. kids giving you 50 bucks for a eighth and then running down the street and pickin up a quarter of the same shit for less then that. sometimes i wonder why i would even want to graduate.
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    man you dont even know hahaha

    i dont pinch though i know some good business
  5. I don't buy from from people at my school :confused_2:.
  6. Pinching from a bag makes you seem like an ass. But 50$ a 8th and you get a quad for less thats just win for you.:hello:

  7. Truth :p:metal:

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