high school is OVER.

Discussion in 'General' started by paranormality, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. and i cant be happier. its been a crappy past few weeks - broke up with my girlfriend, got caught for weed several times, and stressed the fuck out about finals. but yesterday was the last day, and i ended it with a a "fuck you" to the admin that had been on my ass all year. i screamed it at him while riding on the back of my friends car out of the parking lot. i suppose it was immature, but it was so gratifying that i dont really care.

    tonight is prom, and next week is graduation. ive been tempted to go get blazed out of my mind, but i think ill just save it until ive got a completely chill time to do it with no obligations. even though school is over, im still a little high strung, and i think id enjoy myself if i waited at least til the weekend.

    college, here i come :smoking:
  2. dang dude thats cool, our last day was yesterday
  3. Yupp, high school is OVER...

    ...was for me about 4 years ago. :)
  4. eh lucky... fuck highschool.
  5. I'm leaving for summer school in the next two weeks. College summer school. I graduated highschool about 4 weeks ago and it has been NOTHING but fucking trouble since.

    My good friend got arrested and thrown into rehab because his parents called the fucking cops on him while he was cheifing in his own house.

    My other good friend lost 200+ dollars worth of glass and another 100+ worth of tree over the course of two weeks to his moms. His mom found his shit, flushed the tree, and smashed his two dry bowls, his bubbler, and his big ass Chaos bong.

    My OTHER good friend I just sold my mini bong to just fucking broke the mini bong after 5 days of ownership. I sold it to him after owning it for a year or so and the motherfucker handed it to the someone in the world who doesn't deserve to live. The kid pulled the diffuser stem out of the rubber stopper and broke the custom diffuser. He then pulled it out, saw his bowl didn't fit in it, and he didn't offer to pay a fucking dollar even though he pulled it out on purpose and broke it.

    My girlfriend and I broke up the weekend of graduation and some random hoes have been hollaring since.

    My dealer since summer started has ripped me off I figure a total of three grams of headies since I've been buying nothing but headies. When I buy a fucking quarter I expect to find 7 exact fucking grams. He has a scale, I have a scale. There's no fucking around with that. He knows I have a scale and he lies right to my face that the bag was "on point". Fuck him, fuck him up his dirty fucking ass that dirty cuntbagging corn infested piece of shit. He rolled up to the meet spot cheifing on his bubb MY FUCKING BUD that he was selling me. I ended up getting 6 grams for 95 dollars instead of 7. Now THAT is bullshit.

    The bullshit is not over for the summer, thats for sure.

    Sorry guys, I had to vent. No better place to vent than an anonymous internet forum. :)
  6. sounds rough. i had a blast i got super crunk and i got like one cm away from fucking this really hot german exchange student that goes back in 9 days. see what happened was i was getting my pants off (we where in this greek that the schoolys hang around and shit) and just gossein this hot ass blonde hair blue eyed hottie when all of a sudden my stupied friend starts calling my name and comes over looking for me. i was like fuck it and had to zip up and i told her later this week. she was ok with that. i mean this girl was so hot and horny (u know germans!) she wanted it in every hole shes a FREAK! so all in all i had a really good "last day of school" even tho i got out like months earlier. so now ima wake n bake get some chores done and get ready for a HUGE alchy party in SD because my friends cuoisn truned 21 yesterday! and she said to bring as many people as possiable. fuck yeah.

    ps i can't wait to fuck a german chick!:D :D :D :D :D

  7. ouch man, thats really rough. you've got all summer though, im sure karma will throw some good stuff your way eventually
  8. yup yup my last day was on friday. next week is finals, then wer doneeeee :hello:
  9. I'm graduatin' too ... on 6/16. I can't wait until that's over I finished all my finals but I want to be able to know I never have to go back! Good luck at college!
  10. Go college! Wooo.

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