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    Ok hold on to your bongs because this is a long one.....

    I've been reading up in edibles for a while at the time and had failed twice.

    I wanted firecrackers but had no crackers or foil. So I just greased my pan and put my chopped up bud in the Peanut butter and baked it. Well I accidentally burnt it but I wasn't going to waste weed so I put the burnt spread in between two slices if bread an put it up.

    The next day I was excited to see if it worked. I tried to eat the while thing but only managed to eat half (thank god). It was the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten. Till this day it hurts my stomach thinking about it. It was burnt and gritty but I washed it down.

    I walked around the corner and got on my school bus a minute later. By the Time the bus moved after I was seated I was feeling the effects because I had nothing on my stomach. The bus ride to school felt like I was being driven right into my high.

    By the time I got to school and I was toasted I got a donut and some orange juice and sat down with my friends. I was so high I could barley eat any food. One friend offered me some drink. And I mean a generous portion because he was throwed! I mean he looked like that drowsy loony toons dog and he was dead sluggish. I chug it like an OG...

    This is where the story takes off.
    I realized now that I'm FRIED!!!
    I was looking at all the other roundtables and felt like me and my friends were giants sitting in giant chairs and every other table was miles away from ours. I felt as big as a mountain. The bell rings and I go to first period and enjoy my high, Everything's good in 1st. I start to feel funny on my way to second so I put my head down.

    I sit right in front of the teacher so she asked me if I was ok. I told her yeah and she bought it. I'm feeling nauseous and I'm trying to fight it. No one was aware to my knowledge that I was high.. Next thing you know I'm running out if class and into the hallway.

    I throw up my guts as my classmates watch as I spew out chunks and my teacher sends me to the nurse. The sandwich had me bugging out bad and I had to face the nurse.

    But in the middle if my panic clutch mode came in

    I trashed the other half of the sandwich and told the nurse that I drank some bad milk and washed it down with oj

    She calls my parents and tells me I can I lay down in this empty room. The bed was comfortable and I could close the door so I felt the worst was behind me.
    Boy was I wrong!!!

    As I lay down I'm literally shaking in fear. I'm just hitting my peak, the room is cold and my thoughts are getting worse.
    I kept thinking about what if I was a certain type if person and how bad it could be. I started out as a gangbanger and I was eventually shot. Then I was a working class man whose wife eventually left me and I committed suicide. Then I was a drag queen (weird right lol) and I was raped and killed.
    Then a cop who was killed also. Basically the drink was making me depressed and my high even worse.

    This lasted for at least 30 minutes of me bung different people and dying until I fell asleep. I was awoken to my mom who totally bought my story. I was still super high but not depressed anymore because I realized up was tripping. I even managed to get my sandwich back out if the trash can (right on top too) and I went home and enjoyed the rest of my high and my sandwich.

    TLDR: Don't Drink and eat edibles or you will trip out and think your a prostitute drag queen and have to be taken home early by your mom.......
    On a half day!!!!!!
  2. Stop going to school while you're high.
  3. You can't talk about you're codeine drug habits on this forum, and frankly thats why I love it here.
    I did the same stupid shit in HS though so I can't be that mad.
  4. So you ate half a sandwich with burnt peanut butter/bud out of a trash can?
  5. It was wrapped and I was baked....but yeah lol
  6. Was not aware I couldn't talk about lean but it is kinda illegal so I see why.

    Shoulda thought that one through. But then again I'm baked.
  7. well u shud edit out all that including topic title or delete this entire thread, if not don't be surprised if u get banned
  8. man half days are the best.
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  10. I gotta ask how old you are...lol
  11. 19 bro this was years ago I just thought i would share my dumb high school experiences.
  12. DEAR ADMINS!!!

    Please don't cut off my dick off!
    I didn't know! Just trash the thread :(
  13. They will find you.

    And they will kill you.
  14. I laughed hard at this. Followed by a sigh annnnnnd back to depression

    I like my GC account...
    Just edit the post....or delete the thread.
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    This last bowl is for you...
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  20. Guilty conscious?

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