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  1. well here's a second attempt at posting this. How has your life been since dropping out of high school. Since I've gotten my GED I can't find a job because people around where I live rather hire people who do things that are very bad for their health and illegal.
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  2. I had one of the lowest grades ever recorded in my high school. In other words - there were some drop outs who left school with better grades than me, even though I didn't officially drop out.

    How was life after high school? It was the same as with everybody else - Okay, but not all rainbows and butterflies either. Do I regret anything? No, I don't regret refusing to learn shit that doesn't interest me.
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  3. Why do you think employers would rather hire drug addicts than you? That doesn't sound true, is there more to the story?
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  4. Well my parents kinda did something illegal or at the very least unethical so I didn't have to worry about it. I was in special ed classes cause of some bullshit I am tired of repeating (You guys should get it now). Anyway so what my parents did is just let me flunk until I was in what should have been my last year and then they pulled me out and "homeschooled" me when all they really did is give me a C when I did nothing but play Doom on my PC.

    I did later took some remedial classes in college and make it to college level class work but even passing the remedial classes, I found some of the class work difficult. I live on disability now so I guess thats what happens to stupid people. I suppose I should change my perspective on this, it really could have been a lot worse for me considering I am disabled. I mean I had some bullying but most people with my disability want to die from it. It was manageable for me.
  5. Depends on where you live. Its been difficult, but I find that unless you were going to college immediately after, the diploma isn't something they consider when you begin gaining work experience. Get any experience. It's tough and yes they say you need xp for the job but how do you get it.
    Do well in interview
    Make attendance a big deal.

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  6. Apply at a grocery store or restaurant. Restaurants always are hiring around this time for busboy or hostess or whatever. At least it's a job.

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  7. Attend a trade school. Mechanics, plumbers & electricians are making very good money these days. Some places have apprentice programs.
  8. I came close to repeating 12th grade. Probably woulda dropped out at that point. Literally had 10+ friends throughout HS years who dropped out, so it was like "Fuck it". Only thing that saved me was my English teacher let me make up some shit I didn't do at the beginning of the year to bump my grade up. He was a cool guy, though. I literally had the second lowest GPA in my graduating class >___>, always wondered who it was that was below me lol. I think they just wanted to get me the fuck outta there too.

    I literally bullshitted my way all through High school. And I really do regret it now, I coulda done fucking amazing if I had actually given a shit at the time. It's not like I was dumb or anything, I just didn't do SHIT. But I would still pass most tests and quizzes n shit just based on what I learned in class that day haha. The fuck is homework? I left school at school lol. Senior year was a joke, slept in most classes, came in high every day, most days would just dip and go home after lunch lol, walk out the side door. I mean, I did have fun but I really wish I did better cuz I know I could've.
  9. high school was a waste of time, eventually the school system as we know will be gone, and kids will only be homeschooled through computers,tv, tablets. high school shouldn't be required, only kindergarten through 8th grade. Instead of going to high school I should of been workin gainin experience and skills, not letters on a piece of paper.
  10. Basically sums up my last years in highschool. Got straight A's all through middle school and first year high school, then decided school wasn't shit and missed like 60 days a semester.

    Oh well, you can always decide to do better at any point. My senior year math teacher didn't graduate higschool till he was 36, the system is there when your ready to approach it.
  11. I was kicked out of my high school for failing all my classes (despite my efforts).
    Went to a continuation high school with the bad kids, discovered weed, and was able to focus and went back to the normal high school with straight As.

    I work as a chef, they could careless if you even went to school or not, all that matters is that you show up and work hard.

    But yeah, most drop outs tend to be lazy kids that mostly focus on them getting high.
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  12. Shitty...But I way fucked up long ago.

    Ten fuckin' years, ten...Long, hard fuckin' years...That or back, back I'd be in prison right now.

    Once in awhile it sounds appealing.:coolalt:
  13. Graduated in 2007, spent 9 long on and off years going to junior college....and still no post-graduation degree.

    But at least I know some stuff about the international political economy and how the world works.
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    no rainbows!?! i find it hard to believe YOU aint got NO rainbows
  15. I dropped out too back in Jamaica lol what would probably be like 8th grade in the u.s.

    I regret it tho.
  16. I don't think they'll get rid of schools and use computers at home. Too many people would be put out of work and they are unionized. Regardless of your personal experience schools do educate those who take it seriously. Most students don't realize how the world works and do just enough school work to get by, thinking the goal is to graduate instead of actually learning that shit.
  17. My first year of grade 12 was a fucking mess, same with my second.. Changed nothing about my lifestyle to graduate, just got used to living a dumb life and the stress that came with it.

    I'm gonna have to say the whole part of your job competition being eliminated can be partially true.. I know quite a few roofing crews who don't like having people who do not do certain things like this or that, however those jobs rank in some of the shittiest to begin with (Mainly because of the actual people you have to work with)

    I will tell you this, however.. Getting a job is much more than just dropping off a resume and to be perfectly honest, is almost a waste of time if the employer does not have a face to attach to that resume; it makes you innately stand out from the other people in the pile who just dropped it off.
  18. I dropped out in the middle of grade 12. I regretted it because i realized i didnt have enough education to work at most places. I spent most of my time at home just being baked and wasting my life. I decided to get back into school. I have 3 courses left and 2 option classes and i hope to have my GED by the end of 2017.
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