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High School Dropout Pothead - Future Doctor

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 10005988, Aug 10, 2012.

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    A success story for you lot,

    I'm a certified pothead, and your future doctor. I do practically everything high...except studying, which I can only do buzzed. :smoke:

    People all my life told me that I wouldn't become "anyone" by "smoking that shit.." And for some time, they were probably right. I was a failed high school drop-out that only wanted to smoke weed and fuck everyday. After two years, I got my GED and enrolled in a community college. Got a 4.0 smoking that good everyday, and transferred after another 2 years to a university.

    I took a new attitude on school, and actually tried this time around. Tried HARD. (It makes a world of a difference when you're spending your own money on school. You learn to take that shit seriously FAST!)


    My MCAT (super hard exam to get into med school) scores were released a few days ago and I scored a 36M. For those that don't know, that is an extremely competitive score and I'm practically guaranteed admission at least somewhere.

    Now because I have a 3.88 GPA, black ,and good EC's, I can get into a top 10 med school.

    Fuck what you heard guys. Weed does not turn your into a lazy bum couch potato type with a shit job, full of wasted potential. For those who fit that stereotype, it was your fault...not the green.

  2. You lost me at black.....hahaha j/k

    Cool story.....I wish I had changed my attitude in school, maybe I could have gotten a better job

    Success story man, and no one can take that from you
  3. I am high 95% of the time and i am graduating after the first semester this year (one semester early) and i have already accepted a job for a big four accounting firm starting at $110k and full benefits. I am also already doing well working an hourly job and investing that money. I already have a nice car and an upscale apartment (shared with two others but it is two stories with 8 total rooms) and I'm 21. I was heckled by my parents once they found out i started smoking and told me all weed makes you is a lazy asshole. I now laugh at them all the way to the bank :bongin:. Not all stoners are lazy assholes.
  4. its all about your state of mind,

    want to do nothing. DO nothing.

    want to do something with yourself. LIVE!
  5. ive been smoking for 10 years (since i was in the 6th grade) i was always projected to be the person tht wouldnt make it in life i misbehaved throughout hs im surprised i even graduated that place lol, since the early years ive been the slacker type. now im getting ready to graduate college With honors and im still a daily toker. it feels really good to break the stoner sterotype lol :smoke: and once i do graduate im gonna move to cali and become a farmer :3 nd still be able to do what i love
  6. What kind of doctor are you tryna be? It would be almost impossible to smoke and do surgery type stuff. Just think of all the ramifications if you make a mistake and they realize you were stoned.
  7. Dropped outta high school midway thru grade 10. Almost 8 yrs later I'm getting a payed way thru chef school.

    Just finished my first week. Feels fucking fantastic. Worked a bunch of bullshit jobs, wasn't really labeled as a stoner but my dad looked down on me pretty hard
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    I'd like to go into primary care.

    If I became a surgeon, I'd never perform a procedure under the influence of anything.
  9. Glad to hear you're doing good OP, don't let people's words get to you. It's all about motivation, ambition to get where you wanna be. Marijuana increases my motivation, also turned me into an pro-activator instead of being lazy that's when mostly Sativa comes in. Prove them wrong and show them that you can succeed!
  10. Sweet way to toot your own horn.
  11. Exactly. What the OP and another poster fail to realize is you've really only proven that you can do the exact same thing that millions of other kids have done your age...go to college stoned and earn a degree.

    And no, I'm not trying to undermine accomplishments here. a PhD is nothing to sneeze at, and killer test scores are killer test scores. I'm merely trying to put it all into perspective, and a college campus only offers a window to the rest of the world, nothing more.

    And now that you've actually landed that high-paying job, you suddenly realize that you can't smoke anymore. That they actually take your work seriously, and no, they are not kidding when they say they require a polygraph test and a hair sample for DT screen, along with a criminal screening.

    It's called the real world. Have fun. :wave:
  12. Pre-Med here as well! Two more years and hopefuly i can get into a med school myself.

    Congratz OP!
  13. The MCAT is different business.

    Not to mention, a "degree" doesn't simply cut it for med school.
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    med student here 2nd year

    let me tell you some things no one told me, i had to learn the hard way until it was too late

    med school is 100x harder than college, its not the material, its the AMOUNT; 1 week of medschool is 1 semester of college, its crazy lol

    get ready for studying all day with minimum sleep and minimum fun

    smoking is def out of the question unless you do it after exams or only a tiny bit to help with sleeping

    im on vaca right now but i go back to school next week, i study about 6-8 hours a day and when exams are close it can easily be 10-12 hours, i live on coffee and redbull lol

    since im on vaca ive been getting fucked up everyday but once in school im back on the grind and serious mode kicks in, u wanna party on the weekend? nope youre gonna catch up on sleep and studying... it sucks, i hate it, but it will be over soon... i dont want to discourage you but i feel like you should know the truth bc nobody warned me before

    good luck and work hard!

    btw 36 and 3.88 is VERY competitive, apply broadly and spend a good couple months on those applications... you dont wanna rush it... you wanna edit and edit and edit a million times

    pm for more info/advice
  15. Yea i have heard the same story from like 3 different sources. Everyone should know that med school is not fun and it definitely shouldnt be fun either, your there to learn some serious shiiet.
  16. Just watch out for the drug tests. I'd hate to see all that hard work get pissed away.
  17. Unless he goes to a private or christian university he should be good.
  18. Quit my job before I have to take the test in an hour :p. I all seriousness though, hopefully I will work for myself, or at a relaxed private practice if I become a prim. care physician to not have to worry about that stuff.

    No DT's in Med school AFAIK, except apparently on some rotations.
  19. just so you know, you would most likely have to stop smoking after you become a doctor, unless you got a medical card, if they found out you were on that shit, you would be in some serious shit

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