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    I'm 19 (and graduated) my girlfriend is 17 and a senior in High School, the problem is there's this shit head (18) who has repeatedly tried to "score" with my girlfriend, he knows she has a boyfriend (he hasn't met me... yet) he tries to keep touching her, tellin her to fucking leave me,tellin her how she should be fucking him...it goes on. I thought I escaped this high school B.S. when I graduated.

    This isn't jealousy, both me and my girlfriend want this to stop, he won't fuck off when she tells him to and is sick of the harassment. Not only that, he knows I'm with her and this feels like he's hardcore disrespecting both of us (and we're both heavily committed) The way I see it I have two options 1. Go upside his head. Hard.and teach him a lesson or 2 ask my girlfriend to file (well grounded) sexual harassment charges. I know I can't do both and am way to pissed to decide right now...so I'm just ranting

    time to smoke a bowl o'dank and chill the fuck out
  2. Make sure he meets your fists first.
  3. I'm not sure how you thought you escaped high school b.s. while dating a girl in high school, however that doesn't excuse the other douchebag from harrasment. Maybe you should meet him and "talk", or file a suit.
  4. Do you know if your girlfriend has 100% told this kid to fuck off or is she just being coy? If she really has given all her effort into telling this kid to fuck off and it still isn't working, then I think you need to have a face to face with this kid and tell him what's what.

    Don't bother with filing charges and all that though, there's no grounds for it and it's a bitch move, sorry. That should only be used in cases that actually require something as severe as that.
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    If she files a suit he gets thrown out of school and a restraining order, considering he's a football player he loses everything if she does, he clearly isn't an intelligent person apparently (from a phone I just got) He doesn't even think I'm real and that she doesn't have a Boyfriend that she's lying. lawlz I'm gonna show him how "real" I am. I s'pose

    In regards to Foop yeah I'm sure of it 110%. I'll have to have a "chat" with him sometime during the week.

    Seems like poeple don't have any respect anymore
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    I'm sorry but fucking with a kid's life and a kid's future just because he wants to slip inside your girlfriend? Stand your ground and get in his face before you decide to fuck him over from the shadows.

    Believe it or not but it's more noble to break his face in, than it is to hide behind legal charges.

    I'm just having a hard time believing that your girlfriend has given her all in telling this kid to get fucked. Even the most moronic and vile of creatures can figure out when enough is enough if someone truly wants them to get fucked
  7. Yeah I realize that, I'm just pissed off and I tend over-react, and yeah my girl isn't the only person he acts like this towards, I have a close friend who he's beginning to do this shit to as well, and have heard that he just doesn't like taking No as an answer.
  8. he's 17, you dealt with this shit in high school. don't have your girl file charges, just teach him with your fists

  9. he's 18 for the record, yeah a might as well he's just some tall gangly rich kid whose never even taken a hit, so I guess I'm going to give him his first one:hello:
  10. I'd pull a knife. I'm fuckin serious. Thats MAD disrespect!
  11. I try and settle problems with my words, if not, then my fists. There's no reason to make this more violent than need be. I'll make sure he knows where he should keep his hands, and when he should use his big mouth:p I don't need a weapon for this
  12. lol, assault with a deadly weapon. Don't do that one.

    I'm with these guys.

  13. ehhehe yeah he shouldn't do it, but its something I would do. My girl means alot too me.
  14. Don't call the cops. Don't beat his ass.
    Unless you want to go to jail, of course.

    If I were you, I would ask him to meet up. Talk to this prick, then if YOU HAVE TO, get him to touch you FIRST, then beat his ass.

    Trust me, going to jail isn't worth it.
  15. Ever wonder what'd be like to fuck with a girl that you knew was taken, and wasn't interested? Ever wonder what you'd do if you woke up in a dimly lit room, strapped naked to a chair with a guy in front of you wearing a ski-mask, blow-torching the end of an unfolded metal clothes hanger?
  16. lol dayum
  17. beat his face into the fuckin ground. i can't stand that kinda shit man. fuckin dogs.

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