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    Alright GC i noe some of u were pretty rebelious teens. IM just wondering if some of u had some crazy ditch stories to tell. Anyways heres mine.

    I had a wake n baked sesh before school this fine morning with some mexicans and picked up a g of beasters from them. I went to my first period class 30 mins late and did my work. After that i was going to second period when i saw my friend J. We were talking and knew i was blown when he said "ey lets go blaze" and i said sure not giving a fuck about school.

    So we decide to go out these back doors. When we went out we just started running. We ran across a field and into these gutter thins. We chilled there and blazed a couple bowls and some resin and got TORCHED. We started to walk back to school to make it for Third period. WE ended up walking up and down a street 4 times deciding whether to go back or not.

    We ultimatley decided to go to subway and get some munchies.Thank god for 5 dolla foot longs. Anyhow after we ate we decided to go 2 J's to blaze out of his bong. It was about a three mile walk and on the way we past a pig But when i got to his house i think that was the best bowl ever.

    So GC lets hear some of your ditch stories. I am sure you guys have some that are crazier than mine
  2. me and some peeps ditched once. Then we proceeded to walk 5 miles to school only to stop in for lunch. We went in, had lunch, then walked back home. Not very exciting but its funny we went to school for lunch only!
  3. we used to always leave school and run across the field into the woods and blaze bacc there this was like an everyday thing........yea......i fucced up
  4. i miss highschool :/ i used to get droped off by the bus in the morning eat FREE breakfast and ride out in my friends van (first car lol) to the beach and blaze aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall day like on a tues or wed because the beach is allways empty those days :smoke:
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    Junior year I left after first hour with my girlfriend, we went to chipotle. I had a burrito with double steak. We then whent back to her house because her parents were on vacation. We started drinking and 2-3 shots in I get really woozy. And I threw up all that precious chipotle and heres the kicker a good amount came out my nose. I then proceeded to drink more and have sex with my nose burning like hell smelling like chipotle.
  6. we had an amazing 2-3 mile hiking/cross country running track. there was a large brook in there, towards the north side, with stone bridges across it. it was an amazing place to get blazed and walk around. the greatest thing about it was the way it changed with the seasons, in the spring/summer it would feel like you were walking in a corridor, with all the leaves and everything as the walls/ceiling. we had codenames for every cool spot, taken from the books by tolkien.
  7. Senior year me and my friend both had lunch 5th peroid then I had a 6th peroid engligh and he had a 6th peroid Spanish... we both hated those classes so much. hahaha needless to say we cut those classes and bounced at lunch to get high so so so many days
  8. Too many ditch stories to count.

    but most of them consisted of me smoking or drinking with sum friends back in school, one time we had a Junior ditch pool party and 80% of the junior's at my highschool showed up and we all partied and got alll fucked.

    the funny thing is, I graduated with everyone else, just had a fat summer of online class. Totally worth it, you never get back those years.
  9. Ok so I went to my friends house before school and me and like two of my friends were taking bong rips. My friends takes us to school and we all go to class. After 1st hour we were chatting (we always talked between classes) and none of us felt like being there because we were so ripped. So I suggest we all leave after 2nd hour (because I had a test that I did NOT want to have to make up).

    So after 2nd hour me and my friends all meet up again and we walk to one end of the school where there are doors to the parking lot. When we got like halfway down the hallway we see one of the school security guards come around the corner walking towards us. We were pretty far ahead and she came from the opposite end of where the doors were and we all looked at each other and just said fuck it.

    Me and my two friends just ran out the doors and to his car and took off, the security guard was standing outside the doors and watched all of us drive out of the parking lot. We went back to my friends that we went to before school started and picked up where we left off that morning, with more bong rips. I was there for about and hour and a half and my mom calls me and tells me that my school called and they saw me leave and had me on camera. I was like ok my friends will bring me home in a little bit.

    So the next day I got a note in my first hour to go see the dean of students and needless to say I got 3 lunch detentions. I would much rather take most the day off school and take bong rips for 3 lunch detentions. It turned out to be a good day in the end. :smoke:

  10. Chipotle is soo bomb. Fuck the kool thing is i didtch over 35 hours and didnt get in a single bit of trouble.
  11. i skipped the last two weeks of school my senior year. all my finals, all that bullshit. somehow i still passed hahaha.
  12. Hmmmm....Long story be prepared. Setting, it took place my senior year of hs after lunch heading to 6th period.

    Well, a few nights before, I met this college chick, who I was really into little did I know at the time she only liked me because I had cheap hookups on blow, because my best friend was out of hs and was selling that shit to fund his bud smokeing. Well he use to hook me up with like 35 a gram for some good blow, and she knew this cause I hung out with her sister in highschool, who was also a very big druggie. I thought I was in heaven, getting to do semi-free blow, and getting to fuck a college chick at the same time, I say semi-free because me and her usually shared the cost of it and did it all after got it most of the time. Well back to the story, cause that was just the info you needed to know,or maybe not.

    Ok, so me and another buddy, who was my best friend at the time were walking to 6th period discussing our plans for that weekend, when I got a text from this chick asking me if I wanted to skip the rest of the day and come and do some blow, and smoke it up. I was like wtf sure, I invited my friend he did not want to cause he had to do something 7th period. my last 2 periods 6 and 7th were gym, and chorus so It did not matter much to me.

    I told her ok, she came and picked me up behind the school a little bit into 6th period, went back to my place called my boy, and told him to bring over a gram of blow, and 2 grams of some green I think. Me, and her sat there the rest of the day blowing that shit down, fucked a numerous amount of times, at one point, our fuck turned into a walking fuck, a moving fuck and what I mean is we litterally did it, or did something in about every room in my house minus my sisters kids room and my dads room.

    Ended that day, by rolling both grams of green into 2 blunts and smokeing them to the dome, and then just chilled out on my bed the rest of the night watching movies.
  13. lunchtime
    my friend gets fucked off k
    i get fucked off k and blaze
    we smoke lots of shisha

    we had to skip the next 2 periods cause we were fucked

    not exciting but fun more or less
  14. How did you smoke shisha at school?

    However ive done the same thing minus the shisha, and switch the K to dxm. I had to drag my robowalking friend out of school, because everyone was asking me what was wrong with him
  15. Ok so we're sitting at school about to ditch n get fucked blazed as, we started walking its like a fucking 2km walk back to mine n we had like about an ounce on us the cops pulled us over n asked why we werent in school, i proceeded to say that we didnt go to school yada yada yada talking out my ass, the cop knew i was lying n then cause my mate was fuckin drunk n stoned at the same time said the most stupid thing, hes like wobbling n he goes "we dont have any drugs on us honest dude!" n im like oh fuck we're gone the cop takes one look at him knows we're holding so we all had to bail from the cops, me n my bestie took a swing at both cops knocked one out cold ran down the street the cop that wasnt knocked out jumped at me grabbed onto my shorts ripping them off and luckly i was wearing something underneath so we ran all the way for 2km back to mine n then we had the most biggest session n forgot all about our cop problem ^_^ after that i got expelled haha for an unrelated issue
  16. In junior year, when I started smoking weed and cigs, we would ditch 6th period (had to pay security guy 1 cigarette per exit/entry), and go to the coffee shop and just chill (friends older brother worked there), we'd get stoned and wired off coffee and go back to school right when class got out to meet up with friends. Senior year I had enough credits where I didn't need a 1st or 6th period, it was great, wake up late and leave early.
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    Lol i used to always skip school. Me and my friend would meet up in the morning, and either not go, or go for a period or two then just go outside the front door, look to make sure no one was looking, and just book through the field. Then wed go to his house, and his grandparents were gone, and hed always have some jewelry he jacked from his grandma (I know its fucked, but it wasnt me doin it). And he had his dealer that he traded shit to for sacks. And usually hed get atleast a dub to like 9 grams, depending on the value. And wed just sit in his backyard and blaze all day. We always said wed go back to school before noon, because thats when they call home if your not there. But everytime we never did. Sometimes wed get halfway there, then just chill out near the river trail and say fuck it and just roll cigs and shit lol.

    Got suspended a lot for that shit. Then i dropped out in 10th grade lol.:(

    Got a G.E.D though.
  18. <sneeze> Sorry im allergic to bullshit
  19. without a doubt i went to the best school in Arkansas to ditch it was sourronded by beautifull woods, creeks, and a waterfall plus there was a movie theater less than .5 mile away from it. 9th and 10th grade where the best years of my life. my friends and i would just go and "get lost" in the woods as soon as we got of the bus and show up just in time to eat lunch buy more weed and dissapear again (nothing like getting head from a girl after she rolls you a blunt)
  20. my friends and i would cut class everyday back when we didnt smoke and we would chill at starbucks and just joke around, or we would take the BART to SF. and finally we discovered weed and we'd go to my friends house and smoke all day. good times. we started cutting the secong semester of frosh year, then took independent studies junior year, and i tried going back for senior year but i couldnt take 8hrs at school so i dropped out...yeah i fucked up. oh well

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