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  1. sup fellow blades. i got a question for the all knowing GC forum people. last time i feed my plants the run off ppm came out really high, like 1500 to 2500 ppm high ( i got 4 plants and it varied from one to the next)on a light dose of fert (around 200ppm), i looked at my meter and looked up the ec/ppm conversion and my ec was so high it wasnt in the damn chart. this time around when i watered them with plain water the ppm went down but it was fairly high still so i waited about a day and put some more water to "flush" some of the nutrients. well i checked and the damn ppm was up again, around the same number when i first feed them. is this ok? i think the ppm is to high for my plants as im noticing yellowing of the vains, rust spots and burned tips. not real bad but enough to be concerned. i thought with the second watering the ppm would go down? or is it a sign that its flushing, since the ppm are high. meaning that the nutrients are getting flushed? i have an EZ ppm test kit i bought from amazon and i think it uses the same conversion as hanna. can somebody help me with this? should i flush some more or wait, since the next watering due in about 6 days was supposed to be with fertz. also some dirt gets in the run off so im thinking maybe the dirt is shooting up the ppm? what you thik?:confused:
  2. any body? you? you? how about you man?...

    i need help please!!
  3. Welcome to the club of burnt plants mate. 1500 ppm should be used at the peak of flowering and again it would be a bit over the limits (at least for my likings). How old are your babies? You need to let your soil dry a bit (you are growing in soil, or not?) and then flush it really good. You should not water every day to fix the problem, you are inviting overwatering to your growing medium.Use 3x the amount of water for your pot (e.g if your pot is 3 gallons use about 9 gallons). You can mix a moderate (careful, moderate!!) dose of nutrients along with the water you are going to use in order to flush your plants. I am in the same boat as you, besides the ppm issue i face PH issues too. Oh, and next time you should refer to EC, not PPM, if you are not sure what conversion factor your meter is using.
  4. well im not into flushing with that much water since the environment i have might actually make it perfect for mold, i did use about 3 qts of water on my 3gal pots for a light flush 1500ml first, waited an hour and a half and then 1500ml again. the plants are about 40 days average and like i said they are autoflowering (fast bud and gom). the problem that i have is that like today, i did a light flush again to see where the ppm was (hanna conversion) and it was no more than 900 for the highest one, so i decided to add more water about an hour later to bring it down some more so i can do a light feeding (was looking to get it around 400 average) and the damn ppm went up again to 1500 for the highest one. WTF?? why does that happen, its the second time that after checking the ppm and adding water again raises the ppm! is there a reason why? shouldnt the ppm go down after adding more water and actually i put about 7ml of clearex solution to 2gal of water so see if that would help but it didnt!!
  5. So ive always been told fox fox farm is to hott to run straight for young cutting n seedlings . So ive always cut in a bale of promix to 2 bags of either happy frog or ff .. recently purchased tds meter so i can see how much im act feeding my plants.. Ive been growing pretty hard for 2 years now so im no rookie.. i just started some seeds so this time i checked every thing before putting them in dirt,i dont remember exact numbers but that not my point.. i filled a dixie cup up with happy frog n poured drinking water through it the water was 5 ppm , the run off was around 550 ppm , did exact same to cup fo pro mix it measured 250 ppm . so i figured hf but its self was a lil to much so for my seeds i mixed a bucket 3 to 1 promix over hp.. didnt even check ppm just went on common sense thinkingthat a lil added happy frog would just bump up my ppm to like 350 or 400 at the max.. a week after sprouting i noticed leaves had some burnt orange spots all over some worse than others .. over feeding was last on my mingd since allz i fed them was distilled water with 100ppm of clonex n calmag just a few drips in a gallon... by looks of leaves the only thing i thought it could be is rust fungus it looks identical to pics on internet n bible so went out n bought an air purifier with hepa filter cuz i thought it was airbourn... But i decided to check my run off off 1 of the worst plants .. it some how was over 1200ppm .. the plant in best shapes runoff was just under 1000ppm...so i did an experiment with both of my soils to see what the fuck happened.. the fact is when i mix my to medium together the ppm of each soil added together... wtf is up with that..... this means the whole time ive been using promix to calm down the strenth of fox farm straight , it actully adding them together.... need some feed back on this makes no sense???????????????????????????????????????????? after i did thge same thing with my well water n my city water and they compensated for each other like i thought dirt would well water is 550ppm city is 110ppm mixed to equal parts in measured around 330 ???
  6. so basically a cup full of happy frog was testing less than a cup with half of each ... definitley need so explaination guy at grow shop said i must be wrong so i did 3 more times alll same results

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