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[High Res] First pick up! Half of Blueberry Somethingorother

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Brasou, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Yayy! So this is my first major pickup(Everything before this has been 10-20$ at a time tops)

    100$ for a half, it ended up being 15.5g, really happy with it. picked it up from a guy Iv known for awhile so I guess he was feeling nice haha :D He said there was 2 different types in the bag, most of it is the stuff with the orange vines(?) and then the big chunk in the first 2 pictures is something else I guess. He said 2 names, one was Blueberry...something....(I think thats the one with all the vines) and the other I don't even remember haha. (I don't know strain names that good so it was just kinda, in one ear out the other)

    Check out this link Is that white stuff mold? Im always paranoid about mold....Gah



  2. Nice budz man. You got a great price;) As for the white stuff just straight crystals brah!
  3. no mold

    looks dank 100$ is a good price for a half of that
  4. wait nevermind your in canada totally different prices

    im so jealous
  5. Doubt you tared that bag with the bud in it, and that bag weighs bout 2 grams, but either way its a good deal im not hating lol.
  6. damn i wish i could get that deal... i would double my cash and smoke many buds for free lol... i know a lot of ppl that would pay $15 a g easy for that... nice find for you my friend:smoking:
  7. Didnt even think about the bag, Oh well :p When you go to buy from most dealers if your getting like an ounce do they normaly tare the bag out first, or is it just kinda normal to get a few gs less? I guess prob not considering that could be 20+ $ a g.(just curious)

    Yeah im super happy with it. Time to break out the bong!

    And yes, This is from Canada, BC Bud ftw haha
  8. Good stuff.....I am suprised no one corrected you yet, however.....what you call "orange vines" are called hairs. So you would say, "my buds have orange hairs."
  9. Ahh okay cool ^-^ Yeah I defently have heard that term before, I was just drawing a blank when I was typing it haha.
  10. :laughing:...thought the trichs were mold...had me rolling so hard. Man, those lovely little crystalline formations that glitter like snow are called trichomes. Sticky little growths of pure THC goodness that grows on the outside of the buds. The more you got...the better, and that looks DANK! :smoking:
  11. Looks nice and fluffy, looks like a good dry/cure.
    Yeah it's best to weigh without bags, i've seen even 8th-sized bags that can weigh a gram, makes alot of difference.
  12. well it usually weighs extra, 30.5g with the bag is normal unless it dosent have the pinch seal
  13. Emotion as I write this: ENVY! :p

    I pay 100 bucks at the very least for a QUARTER of headies that look somewhat like the bud in the first 2 pictures.
    AND that's only once in a blue moon; mids is the regular for me(despite living just out of Boston)... SOMEONE IN MY AREA PM ME?!?!? :D
  14. hey dude those crystals on the bud, trichs, are not mold lmao. but nice pick up you got pretty great bag for your first pick up
  15. Yeah you got shorted like 1.5-2g which is kinda shitty but it happens. Enjoy the bud though it looks dank
  16. looks pretty good, the yellowing leaves on the first picture should always be a little worrisome if its not expected with the strain.

  17. damn bro! 100 for a half? where i live it costs almost 2 times that..... lucky you! enjoy that shit bro!:smoking:
  18. Haha I love how this guy gets bud this dank, pays $100/halfO, but he confuses his copious amount of trichomes with mold! Only in Canada, that's all I have to say.
  19. you said your dealer was feeling happy so he hooked you up with 15.5 instead of 14 but i THINK you may have forgot to compensate for the ziplock bag which weighs probably 2g's

    either way good pickup for hundo
  20. Isn't the Canadian Dollar cheaper than US dollar? So that means you got it even cheaper than most of us...

    Damn you Canada!

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