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  1. Ive been seeing alot of shit talk, hate, bigotry, discrimination here towards Religion lately. Islam especially. And I DONT believe for one second that this post is NOT gonna cop all the same shit. Coz it WILL. But I couldnt really give a flying fck if you dont like it. Coz I sure as fck dont like yours. I, just like YOU and EVERYONE else here have a have a right to our own. WE ALL DO.

    Im really sick and tired of it. Islam this, Islam that. Actually, Im sick and tired of shit talking about any religion. But today I have chosen Islam in particular. Every fckng day its the same old shit and the same old heads talking shit who THINK they know all about Islam because of the maggot infested rotting shit the media has fed them. Or because of the senseless, putrid and barbaric behaviour of EXTREMISTS and TERRORISTS who use the Religion as an EXCUSE for such antics and hide behind the Religion for (what they wrongfully believe) glory, to brainwash and turn the civilized Islamic followers against the rest.


    I am in NO WAY trying to force anyone to believe what im saying, this is just a rant - Read the title.

    HAVE you done your own thorough research of Islam? HAVE you researched your source/s?? HAVE you actually been open minded when researching??? HAVE you spoken to REAL civilized Muslims about these issues???? (These are the REAL Muslims who are STRICTLY AGAINST terrorism and extremists). More importantly, HAVE you ACTUALLY read the Al Qu'ran and realised how OLD it is?????

    The Al Qu'ran, like other Holy books is OLD. VERY OLD. It also has ALOT of simillarities to the other Holy books such as the Torah AND The Bible. Its teachings are obviously normal (Remember its OLD). In those ERAS WAR WAS NORMAL. It was normal REGARDLESS OF RACE AND/OR RELIGION. The Muslims. The Jews. The Christians. The Romans. The Greeks. The British. The Vikings. The Russians. The Mongols.. EVERYONE! EVERYONE IN EVERY RELIGION (Atheists included) HAS BEEN AT WAR EVERYWHERE AT SOME STAGE AND IT WAS A WAY OF LIFE! Thats how WE ALL got WHERE WE ARE TODAY. By warring it out. Some have been resumed. Some are quite possibly yet to be resumed. Some at rest (I personally believe War is never at rest, it will flare back up in time. Lets call it, unfinished business. Its happening now in some places but in more advanced ways like nukes, explosives, guns etc). Back in old times, all they had was horses, swords, archery skills etc. Right now, what we are all seeing in Islam, is HISTORY slowly but SURELY repeating itself but in different ways and for the WRONG FCKNG REASONS. THIS WAS ALWAYS BOUND TO HAPPEN. NOT ONLY IN Islam but EVERYONE.

    Islam itself is NOT barbaric. Islam is NOT about war. Its the fckng idiots who sold themselves out we are seeing who call themselves Muslims today that are barbaric. Its the scummy lost causes who call themselves Muslims that are about war for NO VALID REASON. Islam does NOT condone killing ANYBODY let alone fellow Muslims WITHOUT a GOOD VALID REASON (And I stress again, Islam is OLD, death for wrong doings is normal in those times. Islam or NOT Islam).



    And their Islam, IS NOT ISLAM.
  2. No true scotsman...
  3. Al Qu'ran is The Qu'ran. Ive deliberately added the error "The" to Al Qu'ran so people who dont know what Al Qu'ran is and dont mistake it for another terrorist group as this has happened recently where I live LOL
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    I understand that Islam is made out to be much worse than it often is, but I still dislike it for what it is. 
  5. We are all entitled to our own opinions. And yours like everyone elses is certainly welcome in this post, thankyou :)
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    I hate Islam as much as any organised religion. I probably hate Christians the most, though.
    However, I do agree that they have been demonised by the media which is unfair.
  7. We are Muslims, and we will be proud of it, regardless of others' opinions. Keep your head up high and don't mind the childish provocation.
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    White Christian Timothy McVeigh bombs buildings and he's labeled as a crazy "individual".  A brown Muslim does it and an entire race, religion, and region of the world is branded as terrorists. 
    "We're at a war against terror"... Quotes like this are going to be looked upon in the future as psychotic babble that only a madman would dare utter. How can you go to war with an abstract term that's up for interpretation?
    Trying to rid the world of "evil" is like saying we're going to make the sun shine on the entire world at once with no darkness, or like saying we're going to remove all the 'ugly' mud in which the beautiful flowers grow out of. The truth is that there will always be darkness and light, there will always be good and bad, sweet and sour, how would you ever know the difference if there wasn't any contrast? You can't rid the world of duality, it's the truth to our existence since the beginning of time.
    Your not going to bomb a behavior trait out of a particular country, race, religion, or belief. You can't kill crazy, it's just not realistic in any way! Think about it.. It's completely irrational and fantasy type thinking.. yet we fall for it each and every time we decide to go to war against people we believe shouldn't be behaving in a particular way. It's madness!
    There's not one person who actually believes that dropping bombs on another country because of their beliefs or behaviors is actually going to stop those same behaviors or beliefs from happening in the future... so then, why do we allow it??
    The world isn't broken, WE are. How are we going to fix the world when we can't even fix ourselves?


  9. I am sure some Muslims are truly insane as are some of every group or religion. Feminists, atheists, environmentalists etc. In my opinion, the media/govt seems to focus on groups strategically and by design. Any group that threatens their rule, they engineer or utilize a situation to create a backlash to justify a response. Our freedoms stand in their way of control so they use these situations to dismantle our freedoms, or any opposition (think Iraq, Ukraine, etc) in the name of fighting, the fear inducing labels, islamic extremists, terrorists, radicals, insurgants. Are these small groups of dillusional people as dangerous as the hideous monster pulling the strings? Thankfully we have BRISCA nations to counter them. Hopefully while these two butt heads the people will figure these things out and revolt, worldwide. Now we have a German journalist revealing the CIA pays for favorable coverage. What happened to the threat of North Korea or Iran? Apparently ebola suits better serves their purpose for now. Im not saying it is not a threat but i think they are using it to either further some agenda or to keep something else out of the news. Kind of like the multi-trillions missing in DoD funding that was huge news September 10 2001. We all know the big news that distracted from that topic. I could go on for quite some time. My point is, it seems more likely to me that these dots can be somewhat connected and are not coincidental isolated events. I dont see it as one big conspiracy but a struggle to maintain dominance that ends up looking like one.
  10. Years back I was watching a British comedian who was challenged about why he teased the Christian religion but didn't tease about Islam. His answer was simple and to the point, he said "Because I don't know anything about Islam, and neither do you". That's pretty much where I stand. I used to be a Christian as did my wife and as much as it's in our schools, news and politics I've had a bit of reason to become familiar with it. Islam, not so much. When it's more immediate I'll care more but right now they aren't what's moving the Texas school board and others to destroy the future and education of our kids.
    For the most part though our concern seems to be mostly hysteria based, not just with Islam but with everything. 60% or more of us want to close down air travel even though the experts say that would actually harm our ability to deal with ebola, most of us think we're in an increasingly dangerous world but worldwide war and terrorism death is down from historical averages and in the US itself violent crime rates are at or near decades long lows, not highs. We could go over topic after topic where our concern about an issue and the threat of the issue are totally out of proportion with each other. I see our concern with Islam, and terrorism in general, much the same. Yes it's a threat, but not as big a one as we act like it is and smaller than it will be if we keep going out and making new enemies. It's not that we shouldn't do anything, we should act, but we should also examine policies both past and present and take results into account. If we have more enemies now than we did 15 years ago and everything we do just breeds more of them at some point we might want to reexamine the way we're dealing with it.
    On the OP and the "No true Scotsman" suggestion, I can see why some would say that but I didn't read it that way. The Christian religion runs from people like Pat Robertson, closed minded and aggressive literal readers of the bible, to those like one of the fathers of the "big bang" theory who was Georges Lemaître, a Belgian priest, or to Ken Miller who was key against intelligent design at Dover. If the accusation that they weren't real "Christians" (or Muslims) was made that would be a No true Scotsman fallacy but to simply say that it's just one flavor of it, just the way they interpret it rather than a singular "truth", that just seems to be common sense. That's why we have so many denominations of most religions, there is no single truth as to what they mean.
  11. That's not what the OP did though....she said that the "terrorists" are not true islam and don't follow the real teachings....but they think they are...so it is her saying that they are not real, while they firmly believe that they are...

    No true scotsman...
  12. Fair enough, like I said I could see why people would say that. They seemed to switch back and forth between that and saying "their Islam" which would figure into the way I read it more and I try to be charitable in reading subjects that can be emotional or heated. Technically you're right, I guess we'd have to ask them which way they really meant it since they kinda said both.
  13. The last line of the OP says it all "their islam is not islam"....no true scotsman at its finest...

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  14. Have you done any "real" research on Islam? How about the Qua'ran? Do you know anything about Mecca and Madina? If so fill us in.

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