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High quality weed mixtures.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dreadlocker, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. A few ideas to discuss... for new and veteran tokers.

    What are your favorite weed combos? If you have access to lots of verified strains, concentrates, etc.

    I find blending 2 weeds very nice, for example I just smoked some blue dream full melt ontop of chem dog. 1 hit and instant awesome body high, then slightly delayed the head rush from the hash.

    I also tried smoking some cenxxx with affgoo, but I didnt feel like it was a good match. Anyways, I am wondering what sort of combos you have tried, enjoyed, failed or use regular.

    The best thing I have ever done weed mixture wise was a 14gram super blunt wrap filled with 7 grams of hippy crack and 7 grams of affgoo. i dont remember to much of the follow six hours, nor do the 2 cats in the room with us (door was open they could have left)

    Do you prefer the 2 indicas for a couch lock, or 2 sativas for the head high?

    Share your thoughts city!
  2. The best 2 strains of weed that I had the opportunity to mix was when a strain named Afghan Goddess and another strain named Trainwreck came through my town around the same time and had the nice chance to smoke a massive joint on the beach with my friend =].
  3. Anyone with more experience in combining?
  4. Me and 3 other friends try to have four strain Fridays as much as possible lol. Not too sure about favorite combos, mixing anything is usually pretty intense though.
  5. yea thats why i like it, i just gotta find the combos that are best. its like, you could do an uppercut... or go for the fatalty
  6. White Widow and Strawberry diesel today. Apparently White Widow is often 60/40 Indica Dominant, and Strawberry Diesel is 50/50, so I had a combo high.

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