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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by phunkyphil, Oct 22, 2002.



  1. kick ass

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  2. eat goat nuts

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  3. oooh boobies

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  4. i hate you phunkyphil

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  1. mmm mmmm good!
  2. For some reason, I think her boobs are fake. LOL. But at least they are still perky!!!!! Thats always indeed a plus.......I pray everyday that mine stay as perky as they are today!!!!!!!!

    She just didnt do anything for me. She\'s just not my type....I can\'t stand fake boobs anyway.
  3. actually it looks to me like they\'re airbrushed or photoshoped on. why do that though? I happend to apreciate small breasts (at least a handful is enough). and she looks fine, maybe she had a top on originally?
  4. wow!

    fake boobies are a no no!
  5. Fake boobies may be a no no, but they are quite something to look at... Now if someone could show some weed growing in the background or her smoking some, that would become desktop worthy.

  6. i knew it was missing something..
  7. nice touch phil..but I woulda touched her...you know...with out...tha...uh...heh...that joint...man..that...is....uh....uhh....uhhh...im gotta go to church now....
  8. thats exactly what i was looking for phunkyphil!

    peace and happy masturbating! ;)

  9. did u just cum again
  10. No good for me. Needs another addition. A hard d**k would be nice. Nothing but hardcore through this door.....just to make things \"FAIR\".
  11. she looks allright. I don\'t need a girl wit big boobs, i could care less, i just don\'t want someone thats totally flat, lol. My girls allright, a lil more than a handfull. That pic does look kinda fake... i duno. Fake boobs are not cool.
  12. shoooot, those are whack fake boobs, son. Having a girlfriend is much nicer than looking at porno because you never get bored with the same girl... or maybe i just dont.
  13. fake!!!

    dat bitch is as real as barbi!
  14. well id hit it

  15. I bet you go to magic shows and tell all the little kids how it\'s done don\'t you...

  16. ...LMFAO!
  17. only the ones who ask my friend

    but if smoke and mirrors does it for ya .....
  18. Thank you for that picture i will have good dreams tonight :)

    Peace dude
  19. Fake for sure, but hey a guy can dream right?
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