high quality cappuccino maker conversion to extract hash with n2/co2??????

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  1. is it possible to convert a high quality cuppuccino/espresso machine to accept co2 or n2 to extract hash oil?
  2. um, probably. You can change anything into everything; a rock into a spaceship, as an extreme example. Depends on if you have the knowledge, materials, and mechanical skills; your question shows no. I highly doubt anyone here has a DIY for something like this.
    On the premise of what coffee machines do, im sure if you take out the water tank and hook up a co2 tank, itll suffice. The gas will just push its way through the inside tubing and exit over your material. It wont work like the machine does now, since the electronics are designed to pump water over the beans, and wont regulate gas flow(you don't need to pump highly pressurized gas). You'd need to make sure the things transporting water can also take the pressure of the CO2 running though.
    If you want to make CO2 hash, I'd assume the easiest would be to make a CO2 set-up, with a tank, much like BHO is made. Get a metal cylinder, pack it full of herb, run the CO2 thru it. All you would need is gas-safe tubing with a tapered male end; can't be too hard to find or make. This would essentially be the same thing as the coffee machine set up, minus it being a machine.

    My assessment; technically yes you can, but not really. You'd have to take apart the coffee machine and rebuild it; it would no longer be a coffee machine but instead the shell of one. If you want a machine to make your hash for you, where everything is automated and timed out electronically, your going to either have to make your own, designed specifically for this, or shell out incredible amount of cash (look at tamisium butane extractors)

    If your set on using the coffee machine, It'd probably be alot easier to do with low viscosity liquid based extractions, qwiso, hexane, where all you would need to do is swap out the tubes inside for something chemical resistant and non-leeching

    my 2 cents
  3. he wants to use a ESPRESSO machine not a coffee pot temp would be your problem as you want liquid co2/n2 and that shit is cold so no
    my 2 cents
  4. liquid CO2? Doesn't it always just exit as a gas due to pressure changes?

    Coffee or espresso; whats the difference in the machine? I never said coffee POT; both machines soak the beans (or wash hot water over them) under pressure/containment which is then poured out as coffee. The only diff is espresso machines makes fancier crap; the foamer/bubbler/w.e it is by-passes the beans; if he was thinking about using that to make the hash, he'd need to modify it even more than I thought.

    Your right on the cold though; hadn't even thought of that. Using either of those gasses will crack it wide open after a few uses (or even one)
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    Hi, thanks for the replies. My thought is that some of the industrial grade espresso or cappuccino machines could be modified to run n2 or co2. I have decent tech skills and a good head on my shoulders, just thought replacing water input with the n2 or co2, might be able to work, as loong as it could withstand pressure and or temp. Could a regulator be used? I was also wondering if anyone has tried this. Thanx. Shed light. P
  6. That's how I'd use my CO2 set-up(with a regulator)
    I'd figure out the optimal run time with my set up, and just have a solenoid valve open and close based on an electric timer. Or you could reprogram the machine run time, and hook your valve up to it to be controlled.(probably possible?)
    But why would you want to use this as your project? Wouldn't a DIY stainless steel tube be so much easier?

    I've only seen this done with ISO, so it'd be cool if you get this working, though.
    Good luck man
  7. just the gas wont work you need the liquid and thats why the co2 extractors cost so much espresso is under pressure not hot water just driping
  8. been working with espresso machines for 10+ years now.

    all they are is basically a boiler and a compressor for the steam/pressure. since these things are so expensive for how basic they are, you would be better off just making a contraption on your own that would suit what you are doing w/o the espresso machine. espresso machines have nothing to do with co2 or anything like that.

    however, im currently trying to figure out the best way to use the pressure/temp to infuse hash with an espresso shot/ will let you guys know.
  9. found this although never used it. it uses nitrous cartridges.

    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Mypressi-Twist-Portable-Espresso-Maker/dp/B002L16IRU]Amazon.com: Mypressi Twist Portable Espresso Maker: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]

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