High pressure aeroponic Island Pink Kush

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  1. IMG_20190901_124810_634.jpg Indoor aeroponic Island Pink Kush. Week 8 flower.
  2. Your water Pressure is 80 to 100 psi minimum?
  3. I run 65 psi through high pressure misters

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  5. Hi
    High pressure water systems start at 80 PSI ,,,

    I take it that your goal is 100% humidity in side your grow containers .
  6. In or around there, yes. Hmmm, didn't know that. It's aggressive even at 65 psi. My plants explode every time.
  7. Hi
    Is the main reason for that high pressure of a pump because you are trying to achieve 100% humidity ?
    Did you make/design this system ?
    The reason for my questions is I have normally ten RDWC systems in operation at the same time ,, in the containers I have 100% humidity and I am doing that with low pressure pond pumps .

    I thought about sprayers but I figured it would be a nightmare to keep them from plugging up .

    I have DIY sprayer bars except the holes are 5/16 diameter and small micro trash will not plug them up ..
    I do run foam filters
  8. The main reason for high pressure aeroponics is to make the microns of water small enough that they are instantly absorbed into the plants root matter. The plants basically don't have to search for food they are mainlined with the nutrient solution.
  9. Also it creates 100% oxygen drive to the root which gives the plant phenomenal immunity to pests or overcoming any pathogen it might encounter.
  10. But you are correct about the 99.9% relative humidity that is held within the tube because of the high pressure misting.
  11. As long as you run your nutrient solution leaner than what you would for any other growing medium and stay away from organic fertilizers, there shouldn't be any problem with clogging up your misters.
  12. My stalks and branches are enormous. 20190901_144855.jpg
  13. That's 3 plants under state of the art LED lighting. 20190901_144811.jpg
  14. What’s ur HPA system look like? I’m going to start building one soon.

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