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Do you get high before sporting events that you participate in?

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  1. man, getting high before a soccer game is the best. smoke in your car right before the game. and magically you concentrate on the game and get really into it. but dont get so high you cant fucking walk or something. to me its always fun to get high during soccer.
  2. Last time i played in a sport stoned i thought i was going to cough up a lung and after the game i was sooooooooo tired.
  3. seriously playing, no way. but messing around, especially the soccer nut that I am, is a good time. esp on the beach!
  4. I and 5 or 6 friends were on the varsity soccer team this year and we would smoke hoots before every practice and game. Surprisingly our team made it into first round regionals
  5. Amen, soccer is a great stoner sport....on my JV squad this year we would sometimes have team sesssions before practices and stuff, heh. Yeah, you get really into the game, and can concentrate more, i find that i actually do play better...more intensity, skillz, and stuff, its fun, soccer rules 'cause you're outside.

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  6. the number one stoner sport would have to be frisbee. ultimate frisbee is awsome although i have never done it high.
  7. some of you guys are wrong. because soccer is the best stoner sport ever. its not frisbee or hacking, which basically is soccer anyway. soccer is the best.
  8. you all mean football? right.
  9. that was what i was thinking the game is called football. i know you americans got to come up with a new name for everything but pls
  10. i agree with hatebreed ... plaing hack is a lotta fun.. and its gets even more fun playing it high...
  11. I know its called football over there, but this seems to be a fairly western oriented board so if this thread had been called football then everyone would think were talkin bout something esle right?
  12. yeah but hey football soccer same kick ass sport right.
  13. yes well, it's football over here, but i can see why you's call it soccer to stop any confusion with American Football....i happen to love both sports.....my teams are.....football....Glasgow Celtic...c'mon the tic...last 16 in the EUFA cup after beating Celta Vigo of Spain.......my American Football team has allways been the 49ers....ever since i was a kid watching Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.....Peace out...Sid

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