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  1. So, this was a week and a half ago, or so; my friend and I gathered at his place after a long day of school for a tasty blunt. We hopped on the 4-wheeler and then skidded on down to this weird, abandoned church down the street. We adjusted the 4-wheeler and then hopped off.

    We climbed up a piece of wood that lay sideways and then walked across a wooden platform that we hope not collapse. We checked for holes or dents; little, if any. We went upon the edge, and sat down, all while sparking up the blunt.

    My buddy hit it 1st, and right then we were just chillin' and talking. 10 minutes or less into the blunt, we get up, and re-arrange ourselves. This is when I found myself blabbering on about something as I was puffin'. When I sobered up, I was like, ".......what was I saying???"
    Well, anyway, that something went along the lines of(LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK IN COMMENTS vvv):

    *We were talking about money, the government, politics, and all that.
    ME: "Yeah, this is what I think: that God blessed us with everything we need in life, like fruits, water, and animals. He was up there making decisions on how he wants to play this out. He creates a planet; no wait- several. He creates grass, plants, water, animals, and much more; until he thinks, "I should make some people to appreciate all this! But, I shall not be foolish- what is good without the evil? I will give every thing the necessities of life, and give them this..all for free. As they are young and growing up, and until they grow old with age. All I ask in return, is for them to pray to me, and thank me. But, people of course did not all pray; some did, most did not. So, God's plan is to create consequences, from minor to enormous. He creates nature-based revenge, sort of. And everyone is greedy, they only want for themselves..and don't want to share,..."

    FRIEND: "Yeah dude, money sucks."

    That wasn't it exactly, but pretty accurate. Anyway, I thought it was nuts. It just came right out of my mouth, all by itself.....

    What do YOU think about that??? I think it was nuts.
  2. Is this your first time smoking??
  3. when i'm high, i just say the typical what if scenarios, and try to come up with funny words or things
  4. No, it was not my first time.

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