High person at every sporting event?

Discussion in 'General' started by primetime21335, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Do you think there is a high person at every major supporting event? Are we that many, that you could expect to see a person high a sporting event?

    I'm so fucking high. Pens are up!

    And that got me thinking, is someone else there in Colorado watching this game high with me? Watching it Live?
  2. Yes, I think so.
  3. Awesome. I figured the fact that it's in Colorado might make it slightly more likely as well.
  4. I gave it a new more meaningful title and bumped this. I'd like a couple other opinions. I was all stoned last night and when I realized someone was high watching that game live in Colorado I got all excited.

    (DAMNIT it won't change the outside title... owell, no one will probably even look at this)
  5. People are high, everywhere. Like, just look around when you're stoned once and awhile. Everybody is high, so many people smoke weed.
  6. I changed it for ya :)

    ...And yeah, I think we're that many in number that you'll see one at every major event (whether it be sporting or whatever)...
  7. In Canada I see stoners everywhere, shopping malls, movie theaters, baseball games, hockey games, etc..
  8. yea, i think there is definitely at least a few people high at every major sporting event. so many people smoke it's almost unbelievable. kinda makes me feel not so alone in this world:p
  9. ever been to a concert?
    mmmmaaaaadddd people blazin at those things
    even if i dont smoke at one i come home smellin like weed ;)
  10. There's no doubt in my mind that there's many stoned people at every sporting event ..some of them look like stoners and some of them are wearing suits. We are everywhere :smoking:
  11. I'm sure any place where people gather in large numbers there are some high people. The truth is, A BUNCH of people get high. :smoking:
  12. QFT lil homie. you know whas up.
  13. It is my firm belief that Manny Ramirez smokes a blunt before every game and quite possibly in between innings.

    Just look and watch him play... He has enough money to buy whatever possible to pass any drug test...
  14. We're everywhere, man. :smoke:
  15. Down here in LA you can catch people blazing in their cars on the freeway. It'll usually only take about 20 minutes to spot one if your really looking.
  16. Thanks Igotthecottons for changing the thread title!

    Here's my question now, are we as stoners overestimating the popularity of this drug? I'm saying, getting high before a sporting event would seem quite common... but who really knows? Statstically speaking, how many people smoke in the US? I know 100 million, or 1/3, have admitted to trying once, but I wonder how many people smoke fairly regularly. Or regularly enough to get high before going to see their favorite sports team.

    I have an older friend, he's 40, and he says here in the 'Burgh you could smoke weed in peanut heaven at Three Rivers Stadium during the pirate games and no one would bother you. He also said people would congregate during a football game and smoke out on the ramps (at three rivers). None of this goes on now at PNC or Heinz field.

    So, that is probably a pretty good indicator. The guy, from what I can tell anyway, isn't much of a bullshitter.


    You see, the more I think about it, the more I think your guys' opinions (and mine) on this subject is bias and therefore unreliable. Like, I wonder if I made this topic in the nflsports forum I frequent how different the results would be. Something tells me there would be a lot of people saying NO, there is not a person high at every major sporting event.

    Too those bad forums are ruled like nazi germany and anything politically incorrect immediately is banished by powerhungry mods.
  17. When you're high it is easier to tell other people are high.
    Of course if you go to an NFL forum you're gonna get a lot of no's, but I guarentee you'll get plenty of yes's.
  18. definately

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