HIGH people less likely to be injured then SOBER people

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  1. http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/9/40

    Alcohol and cannabis use as risk factors for injury - a case-crossover analysis in a Swiss hospital emergency department


    Alcohol use in the six hours prior to injury was associated with a relative risk of 3.00 (C.I.: 1.78, 5.04) compared with no alcohol use, a dose-response relationship also was found. Cannabis use was inversely related to risk of injury (RR: 0.33; C.I.: 0.12, 0.92), also in a dose-response like manner. However, the sample size for people who had used cannabis was small. Simultaneous use of alcohol and cannabis did not show significantly elevated risk.


    The most surprising result of our study was the inverse relationship between cannabis us and injury. Possible explanations and underlying mechanisms, such as use in safer environments or more compensatory behavior among cannabis users, were discussed.

    HAHA :smoke:
  2. high people just want to relax, be entertained by something, and eat. Duh high people are less likely to get hurt :smoke:
  3. Yes but it is just funny how TERRIBLE pot is made out to be by schools and government and then this comes out saying "Stay Safe - Get High"
  4. So much for that Harold and Kumar anti-cannabis ad where the guy shoots himself in the head with a shotgun. That was priceless.
  5. Hmmm...you know, I never even thought about it but of course I've never been hurt while smoking the ganj. One time I walked into a sliding glass door after a massive OG Kush hit, but only my pride was hurt. I can't say the same for alcohol.
  6. yeah never had anything bad happen while smoking, like other people are saying, can't say the same with alcohol. So many bruises.
  7. the only time i ever got hurt was i blazed a bowl in my car, then go to my trunk and i hit my head lifting up the trunk, but that was it. i honestly could say ive never felt any other pain while i was high in my life
  8. I've never been hurt high either. I've never tripped or stumbled.

    I think a lot of it has to do with how relaxed your entire body is so there is no twitch or stiffness so you can just flow around everything.
  9. i've been drunk too many time to count, and something always happens when I drink. I either somehow end up pushed into a fight (alcohol makes ppl angry for some reason..)
    or I cant walk straight and fall off the curb and into the street with oncoming traffic, or i trip over a pothole, or I get dizzy and sick.

    when i get high (everyday baby) nothing bad ever happens. It makes me relax, feel good, and takes away my physical pains. It also helps with my hangovers, lol.

    I can completely see how that concluding statement is true from personal experience with both drugs. :eek:

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