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  1. I found a local shop that sells lights. The problem is I am not sure if I should go with Warm or Cool lights, or a mix? and is it worth it to go with the 4 lamp setup or just the 2? Here is a link to the shop and the product and I am looking at. Will the 2 or 4 lamp setup be enough for 3-4 plants? I also have a standard Fluorescent tube bulb setup with 2 40Watt bulbs. Since I already have this would it help at all to put it in the growing room along with the High output fluorescents or will they not make a difference?


    PS. what should I tell them I am growing if I am at the store? Tomatos? I read that somewhere that cannibis and tomato growning are close or something like that.

    Thanks for any help. I am planning on picking up my lights today as my first seed as sprouded through the soil and I only have a small compact fluro light on it now.
  2. You could use a fixture with all 3000K lights in them for clones and new seedlings.
  3. oooooooook, well first of all 2 lights will be enough for 4 plants, however, the more lights the better. As far as warm/cool lights, plants in veg need as mucht cool light as they can. THis would consist of the blue to green color spectrum. This allows for max photosynthesis. The closer you can get your lights to have a 5550K temp rating the better. But stay near that and things will be good. stick the other floros in there if you want, it's more light. The high output is nice, but if you want to grow nice plants, better think about having a MH or HPS for the flowering. tell them you are growing habenero peppers, tomatoes is what everyone uses these days. if you are interested in getting really good floro's here's a really good link.


    any ?'s just ask.
  4. Thanks for all the help guys. Let me give the full story as to what I am trying to do.

    My wife and I smoke just about everyday. We buy 1 oz of merch for about $80 every 2 weeks. I am looking to grow my own plants in my closet so that i will be harvesting like a plant every month or so, hoping to get whatever I can per plant. I do not have enough room to seperate the clones from the full grown plants so I will need to place all the plants in one area and run it at probably 12/12 which to me is like being outside. I know I could get more per plant if I did no flower them so soon but I am just looking to get enough bud for myself, not interested at all in selling.

    So after looking at the specs for the high ouput bulbs I am starting to wonder if these bulbs at lowes might be a better and cheaper route to go. I found a 48" 60 watt 4050 Lumen 4200 Color temp bulb at lowes for $7. I could easily fit 4 of these in my closet. Would this be compareable to the high ouput light that i posted above? I look at the specs and they are claiming 5000 lumes per lamp.

    So do I want a Warmer Color light for the flowering stage then? if I do I can setup 4 lamps, 2 cool and 2 warm on each side of the closet and kind of split it up like that.

    My basic question here is how do the lowes light compare to the $100 setup from the Sea of Green link above? Am I understanding this while Lumes and color thing correctly? I know that a HPS light would be better, but there is no way I could talk my wife into letting me put in a setup like that, should would be scared of fires and stuff like that.

  5. Well I ended up trying the lowes lights. I found a High output at lowes but they had nothing to put it in. So I ended up setting this up.

    1) 2x 48" 32Watt Daylight Deluxe 2800 Lumens and 6500k Color Temp.

    2) 2x 48" 40Watt Daylight Deluxe 3050 Lumens and 6500k Color Temp.

    3) 2x 48" 40Watt Cool White 3200 Lumens and 4100K Color Temp.

    I bought the 32Watt at lowes and then found the 40 watt at Home depot. I then remembered I had a fixture that it would fit in so I picked up the 40 watt as something extra. I have all the light setup right now above the seedlings. I hope that the Cool White will work well for the early stages and that the Daylight Deluxe will make the flowering stage happy, but we will have to wait and see. I spend a total of $60 on the setup and I am hoping this will work. I know it depends on the type of plant but is hoping for an Oz per plant a little to much to expect? just wondering.

    If this goes well and I can please the wife with home grown bud then I will probably be getting permission to buy the stuff I really need (HPS lights and Hydro instead of dirt).

    I will post the progress and we shall see how it goes.
  6. doin sumthin similar, have three plants under 80watts of flouros right now and they are doin awesome, way better than i thought they would. keep us posted curious to hear how you do.

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