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high or not???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cs_shoota, Jun 11, 2003.


first time high?

  1. i got high my first time

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  2. i didnt get high my first time

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  3. i never smoked......=(

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  1. was just wonderin if you guys got stoned thefirst time you smoked,i smoked so soso much i did........i loved that kind of high.....wish i could again...NOW
  2. i didnt, smoked the exact same way the second time but i was fucked out of my dome the second time. funny thing is me and one other friend started off by buying 60 bucks worth. not the normal dime or twamp.
  3. I smoked a bunch with some friends who are experienced smokers my first time and got really really high.
  4. i got high my first time. i had two or three nice skunk bongs and i had the biggest grin on my face! when i stood up i was swaying everywhere haha
  5. At the time I thought I was high, but looking back I think that I wasn't. It was just my mind hyping it up.
    I'm high now though. Woopie!
  6. Yes my first real time smoking i did yes.

    I am also high now too
  7. it took me loads of times to get high finally..and im deff not a light weight, still takes a few good hits to get me somewhere
  8. fuck yeah I was!
  9. yea i'd say I did.
  10. i didnt get high my first time. the second time though, i was FUCKED!! the first time my friend had to get rid of his shit cuz he thought he would get caught so he gave me his last already rolled blunt. me and a friend smoked half of it and didn't feel anything (we were both beginers) then the next time me, my girlfriend, my girlfriends friend, and her boyfriend all smoked the rest of the blunt and i was so fucking fucked. i remember i tried to ride my bike and i couldn't even peddle. it was badass.

    im am also high at this moment.


  11. Me n my cousin did the same,, bought 50 bucks worth, smoked em in 2 days, the greatest highs ive had lol
  12. the first time i smoked i definetly wasnt high. we only had a tiny bit of bud and i wasnt really told how to inhale ect. now the second time, i was soo high. i went with two of my friends to this huge potheads house, we walk in the door and he whips out a samwich baggie full of bud, we're all just staring at it, then BAM, he whips out a second bag just like the first one. since i just started i didnt really know anything about weed, but looking back it was probably about 2-2 1/2 ounces. well anyway, we go out on his porch and start smoking out of this pipe he made out of a car part, it had a 2 inch deep bowl, about 2 inches in diameter, he packed about an 1/8th bowl and got out the blow torch, that thing ripped. then we take off in this kids car, go to his friends house, we all start baking in the car, passing joints and pipes, then this kids mom comes out, car is FULL of smoke, she opened the door and was like, OMG, i can't believe you guys, then we offer her a hit, she leans in the car, takes a hit, then the kids like, you wanna buy some, shes like, ya sure. lol, after that we spent the money on some McDonalds, mmmm, that was the best big'n'tasy i've ever had. haha, we probably smoked like a half ounce that night.
  13. I hear some people say they dont get high the first time. But i was completely gone.The first time i smoked i got so damn ripped. I smoked two joints to myself out of my bathroom window(2nd floor). I had two friends with me. I was sittin on my bed when i started to feel it i just couldnt stop laughin. I was laughin so hard for what felt like it was goin on forever. Then i kept thinkin i was gettin up and goin to my door but i was really sittin on my bed the whole time. Like i would look at my friend and they would be there one second the another second they would be on the other side or somthin it was weird. I dont remember the rest though. It been all up hill since.

  14. haha dats wut happened 2 me
  15. Nope, it was the 3rd try I believe. Man did I laugh my ass off at nothing! It was a good day!

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