high or not..check this trick out!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. it took me like ten trys before I realised none of the cards are in the pile....that was good....a little too good
  2. oh man, that really freaked me out. but then when i went to post my reply i read nubbin's so now i'm not so scared.
  3. what do you mean there are no cards?
    how come it chooses my card without me even looking at it ?
  4. in the final step there are none of the cards that you had the option to choose.
  5. ..you mean it isnt really magic?

    *eyes tear up
  6. lol, that was trippy for a few minutes. I was like wtf is going on. And then I too read Nubbins reply. It would have been forever a mystery to me, and I'm not even stoned!
  7. oh no way..lol *I* didnt even know until I read nubbins post!!! ah ahaha! goood trick...
  8. thanks nubbin. i thought it actually worked, but then i read your post.

    but i only tried it once..... could've been a cool trick
  9. Shit like this is traumatizing to the simple minded stoner!...you gotta break stuff like this to us slowly or else there's gonna be a rise in mental breakdowns all over the world!!
  10. dammit nubbin.. your avatar should be outlawed :D

    the last thing i want to see all baked is the icecream man, followed by the scaryclown.

    *hides under covers
  11. dont stare at him too long..you may fall in love..MUAHAHAHAHA

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