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high on on first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jfac030, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. hey me and my friend toked today and it was his first time, he claims he got high. is this possible?
  2. i don't see how it wouldn't be, if you don't get high the first time you just inhaled improperly. he obviously didn't inhale improperly
  3. i know i got high my first time..

    I was 10 and i pissed my pants.

  4. oh that clears things up, i was always told you cant get high first time
  5. Most people don't, because they aren't properly educated in the art of inhaling, rather than just sucking.

  6. well im 100% sure i inhaled, (ive smoked hookahs) and i didnt get high my 1st time?
  7. Yep most people just suck and say they are doin it right but they aren't.
  8. The trend seems to be either you get really really high or not at all
  9. The first time I smoked it was off a fat ass blunt and I did everything proper, I took a decent hit untill my lungs started to feel full and then even inhaled more air and held it in and did this for 4-5 good hits for a newbie and I didnt get one bit stoned. The second time I hit a bong once and was high as hell. Ever sense then its been good. But I know people who geek on there first smoke.
  10. When I smoked my first time I didn't get high, but I also know that I probably didn't inhale correctly. But I know kids who smoked their first time and got high, so yeah its possible.
  11. I didn't get high the first few times myself. I did have fun smoking though. among those first times I also invited in another friend to try and he had no problem getting high on his first time so I guess it really depends on the person
  12. I was high the first time I tried it too. I smoked and it was like wow, I can see why people like this!:smoke:
  13. i didn't get high my firstl ike 10 times.

    but its not fair because my friend who kept smoking me out was a HELLA lightweight and would never let me keep going more tha nlike...3 hits because he was too ripped to and he has shit brown frown weed too.
  14. i did but it was my second time wher i really got blazed
  15. i didnt get high my first time n it was like tha worst experience ever, cuz i was cougin my BRANES out for like foreva den i got used to it n its all good
  16. Yes. I've never been higher in my life than the very first time I smoked.

    Most of the time if people don't get high they weren't inhaling it right.
  17. Hilarity, sheer hilarity.
  18. He could be under 18. Everyone knows that if you're under 18 you don't get high the first time.

  19. Dude.

  20. I remember this Japanese kid

    we had to get him high for his first time. It took me fucking two years straight almost everyday trying to convince him to do it..

    one day he is all *in ingrish accent* "OKAY FINE I WILL SMOKE WEED IF YOU JUST SHUT UP*

    and I'm like score.

    So this kid I barely know is there and he brings the smoking device. It's a pipe but the hole is too big and there is no screen on it so the japanese kid keeps fucking burning his tongue on red hot weed ash. To my pleasant suprise, he didnt stop he kept going because he has a warrior spirit.

    But he never got high. So I forced him to take 3 balloons of nitrous and his eyes were watering but I kept shoving it up to his face.

    He got high somehow.

    I also got high my first time. So it happens

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