high on my first "bad drugs"

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    well, before now, I had been sticking with soft drugs (ganja and the occasional beer and liquor on the weekends) I tried E fr the first time last week (yellow penguins) with my buddy and my brother, who has tons of drug experence. I loved it. we took liqor shots, smoked what little bud I had, and we were all fucked up. this is where I started tking drugs I had intended on avoiding: my brother handed me a couple of camel crush cigarettes, and the had me blowing out lik crazy. I figure it's fine to smoke a little tobbaco if I only do it when I'm tripping, but it's still something I've always been dead against. Not part of my point, but we busted some glosticks open in my room and made a galaxy of glow juice ll over the walls and ceiling. Anyway, today I did drugs I never intended on doing: I took some prescription DXM that contained hydrocodone. I only took a double dose, so I was just chilled out. about two hours later my broher asked me if I wanted some vicodin and told me that he would only give me some this one time but never again (he's my hookup for all my drugs) I took 3.5 of the 5mg hydrocodone pills (I on't know how much aceteminophin was in it) and I was high as fuck. about 45 minutes later, I asked for another. My broher seemed upset that I was already asking for more. (he looks out for me) He still was cool though and gave me a 7.5 mg tablet. I took it, and 30 minutes later, here I am now, feeling soooo fucked up. I dont regret it, I'm just suprised at my lack of hesitation to do this shit. am I moving to quickly? shoul I be more cautious? I don't thnk i'll be wanting to do this again anytime soon, though. I just wnted the experience under my belt, and i think I'm not as scared about taking these drugs because my bro's watching over my drug use. thanks for reading, and please post you thoughts. I am very fucked up, btw.:hello::D
  2. yeah man a lil bit of the harder stuff is fun as long as your responsible and have self control. you'll be fine 'specially when your only connect is more concerned with your well-being than making money.
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    Yeah, i'm lucky to have a good brother like that. From now on, I hope to keep my drug experimentaion strctly psychedelic, though I may try a nice dose of hydrocodone-free DXM someday. I'm still pretty fucked up. I wish I had some bud though.

    Edit: my bro hooked me up with the vicodin for free, and btw how long does a vicodin high last?
  4. considering youre asking us whether you should or not, i feel you already feel as if you shouldnt. In which case DONT..because all its going to lead to is conflicting feelings in yourself, and probably strong feelings of guilt.

    If you dont want to, dont go down the drug road. STICK with the herb and beer man..really the herb is the BEST drug you will find, and when mixed with beer, can make you STUPID STUCK, or super loaded. Its the best of both worlds, so there aint no need to move onto drug land.

    and for ya info, that 3.5 mg of hydrocodone, didnt do anything. Too low of a dose to be "fucked up" might of had a slight moodlift, and pain mildly residing..:smoke::smoke::wave:
  5. it was 3.5 5 mg pills.
  6. gotcha//ok you got a nice vicoden buzz goin on.. enjoy it. but do consider what i said;)
  7. 4:20 baby.
  8. like stated above, if your feel like you shouldn't: don't. personally i feel an opiate high once or twice a month is enjoyable and safe but thats just me. only you can decide what you feel comfortable putting in your body.

    also you were wondering how long the high will last. unfortunately there are too many variables for that for me to give you a reliable answer. however if you don't want to feel high anymore you should go to sleep. sleep is very easy on opiates because they are downers. it also feels incredible to lie there and lul off into a euphoric sleep with an opiate high.
  9. or be like me and nod in an out all night never fully falling asleep.:smoke: oh well i wanted to wake up early anyways.

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