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high on a mountain top

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Monet, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Nothing is better than being outdoors on top of some big-assed mountain. 6000 feet or higher is the best--where you can see everything in the world around you.

    Take a hit of some of the best weed and look over creation. Makes you all weepy and such... You just sit there and look stupid (at least that is how other people look at you)

    I did that this weekend. I swear I had even talked to some wild animals. I can do that, no shit, when I smoke. I would have liked to have taken a nap on the forest floor, but some lady had to bring her dog along on the trail and the little ankle-biter kept barking at me.
  2. hah..I bet
    I love nature, nothing like taking in your surroundings while smoking a joint..and exploring the wilderness while smoking...theres so much out there unseen.

    Wish i had a large forest near by..on a beautiful summer day its so nice to just get away and toke up.
  3. I live in Nj and we have a thing called Mountain trips where as much as we possibly can we smoke huge blunts and drive through a mountain reservation. Theres no cops and little people driving on the road, especialy at night. We then blast fine music and look at all nature has to offer, It's by far the most relaxing thing on earth.
  4. Nature is an amazing thing. I love to go to this little creek that runs through the woods, sit on my rock and smoke a bowl. It's really peacefull, plus its in the middle of nowhere so i never get paranoid. I always wanted to go on a pick-nik in the woods: weed, nature, bottle of wine, my lady, and MUNCHIES! To lazy though, wendy's a high-ride than a quicky at my house works so much easier, LOL :)
  5. Another great way to spend a stoned day is at the lake. I love to get out on a houseboat. Late evening, when the sun is setting, and the houseboat is rocking.

    Get really blazed and try to walk without wobbling while the houseboat rocks...

    god, I wish I was at the lake right now
  6. I have a lake house too, its awesome. I go up there sometimes and go wakeboarding/water skiing. I love just sitting in my boat with a couple of my friends, a couple cases of beer, and a few blunts. Sometimes will just go to remote locations of the lake and just drink, smoke and swim.

    I can't wait, i am going up to my lake house in like 5 days!!! :)
  7. Yay for nature. Nothing is better.
  8. Kudo's on a great subject. I've made a point of checking out God's green earth. Everytime I go somewhere to visit, or on business, I take the scenic route. Just last week, while traveling back to Michigan from the Bonnaroo Music Fest in Tennessee, I got an opportunity to travel the back roads of the Cumberland Gap. What amazing fun, twisty, winding roads, lush landscape, and total rural Americana. Driving on a main road, when all of a sudden the road ends, with no warning, flooded over by a river. My passenger freaqued, and it added about an hour to our trip, but I'll remember the swim we took with the locals for a while. They are growing some beautiful smoke in that area.



    Live music is the best.
  9. fuck nature! nah just kiddin, i love being in my woods after a gentle rain with the sun shining thru the leaves, so so peaceful
  10. take a boat out to the middle of a lake, turn off the engine and get blazed and marvel at the still water. it's like you're sitting on a giant glass table.
  11. Right on. So far this summer I've smoked on 2 mountain summits. The funny part about it was I rolled the jays on the top of the mountains too. Its windy up there and was pretty difficult, but it is by far the best place to smoke!
  12. Snowboarding high, you get the mountain scene, AND you get to go fast, its like two for the price of one



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