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  1. So I saw an episode of 1000 ways to die and apparently this guy died because he tried to use some military grade sound waves blasted into his ears to get high. I guess this killed him. But apparently certain less intense sound waves can make you feel euphoric like as if you were high on heroin or some other opiate. Has anyone heard/tried this? does it work? And if so where can I get these sounds? Haha
  2. There are allot of different variations of types of drugs that supposedly get you high through sound waves. They cost money though and I have never tried them. I heard from some it's bullshit and some saying they actually felt like they taken the drug they were listening to.
    Get HIGH through sound waves o.o - MixPod
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    Think about it.Listening to your drug, if it's not total bullshit, this is the future man. Thanks for the link btw

  4. Yea I guess, I just listened to the sample for marijuana and didn't feel anything. But I was also looking around on internet typing. They say your supposed to be relaxed and in a comfortable position with your eyes closed for it to work. Who knows maybe it really does work, I want to try it out but I also dont want to be out 15 bucks for some bullshit.

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