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High Off a Nickel?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stratez, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. I am super broke (just bought $120 shoes) but want to get stoned. I have like $5 and can buy a nickel from my friend. I know a 5 sack isn't shit but will it get me high?
  2. Yes, go for it and smoke out of some nice glass. :smoking:
  3. I'm sorry but how the hell is anyone on here supposed to know?
  4. thats like what .25? straight to my dome .25 would have me flyin nicely

  5. Thats the whole fucking point of this forum
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  6. I've gotten high from smoking a dry pipe. I'm sure any amount of weed would do the same.
  7. if you have a pretty low tolerance roll a nice joint if not smoke it in a bong or in a pipe in one ssession, like smoke it till there nothing left it should get you pretty high.

  8. Thanks, i think i am going to buy
  9. You can push for a gram of decent mids for 5 bucks , and yes def
  10. if you wanna get fucked cook a nick in edibles.
    thats a sure way to get ur ass planted.

    and it better be dank, no mids for 5 bucks a nick
  11. dank in a vape or nice glass then yea
  12. A Nick would be a gram of reggie in my area. That could get me high for a second.
  13. .5 would get me high a solid 4-5 separate times..
  14. What kind of shoes were they.....?:)
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  15. your sig had me tripping the fuck out! i was trying to like squish the bug and shit
  16. ye what shoes brother? smoke it in a grav bong youll get an altered perception for sure
  17. The point of this forum is not to determine whether or not you will get high off X amount of marijuana. Not sure why you think that.

    Your answer should be obvious to you. How much do you normally smoke to get high? Is it dank or is it not?

    Only you know the answer to this question.
  18. If I was in that financial situation I would have bought 25 dollar shoes and spent the other 100 on weed. :p
  19. Around where I live people who sell product close to that price range sell $6 dollar baggies (1gram), and they are always mids
  20. ive never understood why guys spend over 100 dollars on shoes. my chuck taylors only cost me 30 bucks and they can last me for 2 or more years
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