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  1. hey guys my name is jody i live in the crazy house you problly know sanford yeah things are nuts in this town had a gun pointed at me a few times but otherside the weed i been geting here was great untill my current bag got to smoke two bowls to really get good and high the past the stuff smoke one bowl and be walking into things lmao with my eyes welded shut lol now more about me im 43 been a head since i was 17 i like to hunt fish shoot pool and other things im also thinking about geting a bachlors degree in web programming and design and security+ certfication and work in network security on the side bothare very good paying feilds like 40 50 bucks and hour well ill let yawl go nice talking with you will talk again cya
  2. Ok I’ll go first. One hell of a intro
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  3. I 2nd that. Welcome OP and be cool in that prohibition state.:hello:
  4. Welcome man!! Good intro what u have for breakfast n dinner lol jk have fun and enjoy,,be safe!!

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