high lumen compact flourescents???

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  1. since i grow in a phototron i have no use or room for hps or mh............that being said ....what do you guys think of all the new "compact flourescents"?? there is one at wallmart that runs off of only 22 watts...but puts out nearly 5000 lumens in the perfect color spectrum.....do you think these are good for a growbox?? say you get three......is 15,000 extra lumens good for 66 watts?? i already have one and it is BRIGHT for a flourescent, way brighter than a 100 watt incadescent.......your comments are greatly appreciated!!!

    p.s. the phototron also puts out 36,000 lumens
  2. ive got some warm 21w cf's that put out 1200 lu and some cool white 20w cf's that put out 1000 lu. only 500 lu off 22w seams a joke to me. i bet they charge top dollar aswell dont they.
  3. i meant to type 5000 lumens at 22 watts ...sorry
  4. and no............only eight bucks!!!!!! for 5000 lumens...i have three
  5. I use nothing but compact flouros and do very well with them. I use 1 Lights of America " FloreX". It throws off 7,000 lumens and only uses 65 watts. I also use 2 24" GE Chroma 50's, they throw off about 600 lumens a piece. And last but not least a Lights of America compact flouro that throws off 1,700 lumens. I have 10,500 or more on one plant and my buds are REALLY big. It's perfect considering my space is only 2x2x5!!!!! I'll post some pics soon.
  6. P.S.: LOA "Florex"= $30, comes with it's own ballast.
    GE Chroma 50's= $12, that's for both of them.
    LOA compact flouro= $8

    Remember more lumens= bigger buds.Good luck with your grow!!! Hope I helped you a bit.

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