High-lo from NC.

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    Been lurkin' this place for numerous years now, even introduced friends and they signed up. But for some reason, I haven't ever signed up and wanted to post here numerous times.. Anywho, cloud 9 and all err'day. :gc_rocks:

    First off, I am a dude. Been smoking for about 5 years now, started heavy into it about 2 years ago. Interesting selection here on the East Coast at the beach. Tourists flock everywhere, so the only toleration to the constant reconstruction of the area trying to mimic other business oriented areas is what I enjoy most [: Goes hand in hand. Personal favorite, biiig scary bongs.

    I produce and write hip-hop, I started about 8 months ago and I do have access to a studio that a very close friend (ScrewloopZ) and I built, he is a DJ and does professional shows/gigs all over so he's helping me start everything. Anyone interested in collabs or making beats with accredited work, please let me know! I'm writing a new song literally every day and I can't produce my own beats fast enough.

    College kid for automotive mechanics, soon moving to a bigger city for opportunity but still here in ol' NC. Hopefully after an AAS and my girlfriend graduates her 4 year cullinary, we'll move to Cali with my cousin until I find a stable job and area there.
    ANY TIPS ON MOVING TO CALIFORNIA WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Looking to move into the San Bernardino area, but will be residing in Dog Beach temporarily.
  2. welcome to the city sounds like you got shit all figured out :)
  3. Appreciate it!

    Just another (arguably sometimes ;] ) functional ganj user watching some sick T.V. series, workin' and makin' what I love most, music.

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