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"High" Jump

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamBC, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. just wondering about olympic/world records.

    do you think anyone high on whatever drugs, while running from the police, has ever broken a record for say the 100 or 200 meter?
  2. its quite possible, but i doubt it.. those guys are trained athletes..crackheads arent.
  3. but a crackhead might not be able to tell he is tired? plus the added addrenaline rush from the cops might be enough...

    haha just a stoned thought.
  4. I dunno quote Craig "oh, you ain't catchin no crackhead man.."
  5. dude, havent you guys seen an episode of cops? those guys never get very far before getting chased down by fat police officers...
  6. but they are always runnign thru fences and bushes and stuff.

    haha anyways i guess it isnt likely.

    grassroots, one more post till 2000!
  7. Seems to me the cops always call in backup and the other cops cut them off. Plus they'd never show a crimnal getting away, even though I'd like to see that more...

    I doubt it though, I bet some crackheads might have a chance at like cross country or something lol, like you said, can't even tell there tired
  8. It's an interesting thought man.. It could be very possible. I mean, not every chase is televised, lol...I'm sure most are smokers though, at least smoke cigs. I sure as hell know that my lungs aren't going to let me run too far :D
  9. i heard more people get away then arested. but then that would incourage people to run
  10. I know mad people who run from the cops, you ain't never ran from a cop? I know so many people who get away, seriously ... most the time they do get away.
  11. i defiinitly set a couple records here.........and then died from breathing too hard.....
  12. When I was young, before I started smoking... I used to get caught skateboarding and then skate away. That was fun. Alleys and rooftops, those are the best places to go.
  13. I guarantee you there have been some records broken by people running from the cops 3 days ago i was smoking out with some friends in the park and the cops came and i was the only one to run from them and i ran and ran and ran until i finally realized that I had completely and totally lost them and i was stoned off my ass and the cop that was chasing me was at least twice as big as me and i dont mean fatwise i mean this mother was ripped and in great shape and i shook him like it was nothing i can run forever when im stoned out of my mind i found out later my friends didnt get arrested cuz i had all the weed on me when the cops showed up and i got away
  14. ^^ Dude that's sweet! I remember once when I was like 14 or 15, me and this other dude would sometimes knock on these peoples doors and run away. I lived on a golf course, so we picked a house on the opposite side, knock on the door and run back towords the golf course. THen she comes around back and yells "I just called the cops" So we yell "screw you" back at her. Then as were walking back towords this dudes house, which is opposite,this ladies house. We see a search light, cut through the night. So we hit the deck, we found a little drainage ditch type thing, and hid in it. Then we follow the drainage ditch up..and it gets us away from the highway but we're still a way's from my house and his..which is where we're trying to get. By this time there are about 5 cops....just for knocking on somones fucking door and running!!!So we decide we are going to make a break for the line of houses when we get nailed by a spotlight. We take off dif directions, he was smart, he went around a couple of houses and went to the road....and walked like nothing happened..AND DIDN'T GET STOPPED!! HAHAHA I cleared a fucking fence...I mean like it wasn't even there!!!..and hide against these peoples house until they are hour and a half. Then I sneak my way back home...good weed in this story..happened like 3 years before I started smoking :D ...I was going to draw a diagram...but that's a little to much effort
  15. ^^

    the greatest thing about it is that the park is about 10 miles away from my house and i ran all the way home and i had to take a bus the next day back to the park to pick up my lexus thank god i turned the security system on when i got out of the car my dad would have killed me if i had gotten that thing impounded specially since he bought it for me getting a scholarship to MSU by the way Law school is hard as fuck but its gonna be worth it when im a lawyer making 300 g's a year and buying a pound a week hahahahahahaha im planning on owning my own firm though so i wont have to take any stupid drug tests my uncle sam is giving me 200 grand to start the firm up despite the fact that i hate the faggot he dont seem to realize it
  16. ya i highly doubt that some lil negro from LA could run faster then the olympians
  17. err..

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