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High.. ISS

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yummay, May 17, 2010.

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    o my little bro goes to high school in katy thats near houston
  2. No need for this post. Remove it.

    This is a weed forum..smoke some and chill the fuck out people.
  3. i remember iss. i had it a few times in hs for stupid shit like saying damnit in the hallway. anyway i would do the same thing as you. i had to sit in a room with a computer and a desk unsupervised for 7 hours. hahaha man that school lacked a lot of common sense.

  4. I like that thinking, haha.

    Hey OP, don't go to ISS high. It'll feel like an eternity and you'll just want to sleep when you go home.

    And to all those people telling him to get his life in order, don't assume he's a bad kid. You don't know the situation. ISS isn't usually for serious shit anyhow...
  5. It's not the idea of he's a bad kid. It's the idea he is going to school high in the first place. Needs to realize his education is way more important than being high.

  6. And what sort of education do you receive during in school suspension?
  7. He wasn't intending to go to ISS high. He was intending on going to school high.
    I'm not here to argue but, if you insist on me spelling shit out..I will.

    During ISS you are suppose to learn stuff just like everyone else. Just isolated from the rest of the school. It's not my fault the public education today is so pathetic.
  8. Dude, i know your really seasoned and know your shit and all but why do you bust on kids so much. What else does a guy have to do in suspension. Im sure it sucks, if i was in there for stupid shit i'd definatly get on my cellphone and go on grasscity. Anyway its hard for kids ya know. Although kids can be real dumb at times, you have to give them credit for all they have to put up with. I dont know but everyone's different and everyone has to learn at some point.:smoking:

  9. Ah, I see. My mistake.

  10. Fully think before posting. Thanks have a nice day.
  11. hahaha i remember a few years ago i was in ISS high as hell and escaped! just in time to take my exam or I would have failed that class....and I got an A on the exam.

    good times.
  12. I agree 100% that education is much more important than getting high, but give the kid a break. He said he had a movie 1st period, gym 2nd, and a movie 3rd. Really what was he going to learn that morning anyway?

    Honestly, I went to high school stoned all the time, but I still managed a 3.6 gpa. You just have to be motivated, study hard, and get all of your school work done.

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