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High.. ISS

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yummay, May 17, 2010.

  1. Incompetent teachers that let you have your phone during suspension. For that matter kids shouldn't have their phones on in school at all. I'd install jammers if it were me running the place.

    School is for school not for blazing or surfing the net. You call us arrogant, we call you immature.

    And you DON'T know networking better than I do. I've been in IT for over 20 years and have designed and installed networks for Fortune 100 companies more times than the years you've been alive. Talk about arrogant, kid. Pay attention in school and learn and stop fucking up. That's all :)
  2. Ours was just as bad. No right click, no search, no run, no command prompt, they removed access to the local disk, folders that aren't yours... everything.

    btw not being able to right click or use task manager has nothing to do with internet security but your on your phone and you probably have better networking knowledge than me... so :rolleyes:
  3. Oh damn. OSG just burnt your ass.
  4. I remember being in ISS... in middle school.
  5. Now I have the urge to have a detailed discussion of OSPF vs. IS-IS as gateway routing protocols and how they differ from exterior gateway routing such as BGP.

    Maybe then we can get into the pros and cons of IDS vs IPS from a firewall and security standpoint :laughing:
  6. Let's keep the marijuana growing/consuming knowledge flowing but keep tabs on that nerdy stuff. :p
  7. God, I hope you have an iPhone or something. I really hope you're not on your schools computer network where they can watch you incriminate yourself over a site as blatant as "Grasscity".
  8. Hey he started it! :confused_2:

  9. stop ethering (i.e. nas) the KID.

    and as far as networking, i don't even fuck with facebook
  10. Damn, you're old. If you forget what it's like to be young, I can try to describe it for you... since I'm only 39. :laughing:

  11. You are underage, and even your senior year if you are 18, in school the constitution doesn't apply to you there. It's just how it is. . . honestly I don't agree with the school system, it is a conveyor belt just teaching kids math and science to fill the demand for our imperialistic society. If you want your diploma just conform, get through it, and become a scholar, to change how things are done.
  12. I won't touch Facefuck or Mycrap or Shitter.

  13. Hey, I average 11 hours of exercise a week.

    I win.

    No joke, I'm a swimmer.

  14. Awesome. That's great exercise. I love to swim but mostly it's been my years of martial arts and (when I was younger) sports like wrestling, boxing, and soccer that's kept me fit.

    I probably only do 8-10 hours per week these days as maintenance though.

    EDIT: Wait...a swimmer stoner??? YOU ARE MICHAEL PHELPS! I knew it!!! :eek:

  15. People compare me to Phelps a lot since I smoke, especially on GC :laughing:. I actually just got back from a 2 hour pratice. I could use a bowl lol.

  16. Game. Set. Match.

    OSG: 1
    OP: 0
  17. ^^^^^^^ This.
  18. My schools internet is strict too. Thank god for the iphone. Im passing all my classes and its just a few more weeks and im done. I sit on Grasscity and various forums throughout the day.

    Luckily, i've never been in ISS, but i wouldnt want to be high, stick in a little classroom for 7 hours
  19. can i suck oldskoolgrower's dick too?
  20. forget networking...shit get u introuble, well it did thanks to backtrack 3 and my brains extensive knowledge of unix. electrical engineering is the way to go, u get big bucks and you can properly wire ur next grow room.

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