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High isnt the same

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dankbudsmoka, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. right now im smoke some good dro nothing amazing but it has a lot of crystal something iv noticed is the high is different during the day than is it during the night.During the night it affects me much more it seems an during the day its like it doesnt fully affect me and i can handle it alot more any ideas??
  2. Im curious. I notice the same thing....:confused:
  3. T-Break dude, does wonders

    and ya I notice at night my highs are more intense, it may be because Im more tired, but for you, try a t break, work out, run, drink water while your on your break to get most the thc outa your system...

    or do what I did, limit my toking days for friday-saturday.

    Its so much more fun smoking alot these days then smoking an average amount throughtout the week I get so ripped :smoke:
  4. the thing is i just started smoking again i quit for 6 months and i started again iv only smoked 1.5 weed total since i just started so its not my tolerance,its like i get ripped an fucked up at night but during the day its like im used to the high an it doesnt affect me full fledge like at night
  5. your mind is probably more rested at night. During the day your focusing on other things but at night your mind can just wonder easier and enjoy the high.
  6. because you don't have to worry about many things at night.
  7. It's all in your head. The atmosphere during the night is probably better for smoking so you're more relaxed and enjoy the high more. Weed effects people different though so it's hard to pin point the exact cause.

  8. This exactly.:smoke:
  9. my highs vary depending on atmosphere what i smoke out of and the type of strain. You will notice the more tired u are the easier it is to get higher.
  10. I agree with the first post. SMOKE MORE. :D
  11. we all know all strains have different highs. but you feel more high depending on how comfortable you are. its just that alot of people are more comfortable at night time. (hence nightlife in big cities like new york, LA, chicago)

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