High IQ linked to drug use

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by blueberrylover, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Love the comments at the bottom of the page!!
  2. I always think that a good chunk of drug users (especially cannabis and LSD) are smarter than the average joe because they seek something else, something that is not material, something which can only be experienced through the self and not through material things.

    A lot of us love to explore our consciousnesses, our inner self, some of us seek a higher truth or consciousness, even if we start to seek them through entheogenic practices, this is exactly the opposite of what your average joe does. They live to gather material possessions before anything else, they don't seek truth, they seek conformity.
  3. Fun Gus opens my brain beyond anything ive ever experienced.
  4. did anyone actually read this?

    it is saying smart people are more likley to do drugs, not that druggies are more likely to be smart
  5. I do drugs... DUHHH I SMART!
  6. Yeah, but intelligence doesn't magically disappear with drug use. Look at Christopher Hitchens....Carl Sagan....Aldous Huxley...you get the point
  7. It's no coincidence that as my drug use (strictly psychedelics) has increased, so has my GPA.

  8. Joe Rogan as well, God he's smart.
  9. eye must b rlly rlly smarts:)
  10. Lol if you read the comments it's all a bunch of people throwing around IQ scores and describing their drug experiences:smoke:

    I try not to compare my intelligence to others overmuch, because it's not easily quantifiable, and there is a huge difference between knowledge and intelligence. Like, if my buddy sucks at math and I tutor him, am I inherently more intelligent than him? Nah, I just understand math better. Perhaps the same friend will help me fix my car, because his dad's a mechanic and I barely know enough to change my oil.

    Another example is my father, a master carpenter, who's been a contractor/foreman for 35 years, was often frustrated with me when I worked on his job site's as a teenager, because I would make mistakes that he just found so simple. But then the internet blew up, and my dad got a computer, and I spent the next 5 years schooling him in the basics of using a PC, from e-mail to internet searches to craigslist.:D
  11. ^^^

    IQ is a very specific measure of intelligence. It measures one's ability to recognize patterns.
  12. And the ability to problem solve; but then again that could be somewhat the same as recognizing patterns, no?
  13. pretty much yes. an IQ score is made up of verbal and nonverbal scores and the nonverbal is the pattern recognization/problem solving area. I actually didn't know this until about 3 months ago when I had to do a bunch of testing that included IQ testing.

    The verbal part the administrator will say a word and you have to point to the picture that best represents that word (amongst some other things) and the nonverbal part has you look at patterns and such and decide what would come next in the sequence.

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