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high inside or outside

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by chillinju, Oct 9, 2018.


do you prefer being high inside or outside

  1. inside

    1 vote(s)
  2. outside

    8 vote(s)
  1. which do u prefer
  2. Outside for sure!
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  3. me too man
  4. Inside, outside, on a sky lift, I enjoy them all equally.
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  5. Outside or in public is the best highs. Getting High inside is great but you can’t beat nature or an adventure.

    I always love when I smoke at home and I’m like “I’m not even high” then I go in public and I’m like “oh crap I’m high as hell”
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  6. Well you can't skate indoors but you can bump that bass as loud as you please when at home or in a car.

    Best is skating outside stoned with wireless headphones blaring!

    For me though I just love weed so anywhere anytime is good
  7. depends. sometimes sitting at home and playing video games with a beer and a bowl is the best way to go.

    sometimes getting ripped and going to a sporting event or concert is dope. sometimes even going to the grocery store while high is pretty fun lol.
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  8. Both.

    Nothing beats a good club/bar or pool party while stoned af.

    Also, don't mind chillin at home floating away and just enjoying music, COD and thoughts. It all depends.
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  9. Ive smoked outdoors for yrs chillin wit niggaz on da-block & now im a family man & i mostly smoke indoors.. usually i can get to my front porch with the door wide open, if that counts as outside..

    The wife sits out front on the steps.. thats outside.. but were usually in the crib especially that its our home so i just burn all day..

    Really.. i dont think anyone on here smokes as much as i do.. i usually go thru 10 Entourages a day.. thats 20 (maybe 25 on a hard long day)blunts atleast bro real talk.. every single day.. all fuxxing day smoking.. if i take a walk to the store or w.e ill leave the “L”till i get back.. turn that bitch back n keep going or just might roll another one up. Sometime blunts just be half to 3/4 just sittin in the ash tray prolly 2-3 of them sometimes..
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  10. I don't care if I am indoors or outdoors. I just like smoking or dabbing. The only place I don't like being stoned is at my daughter's house. She is very much against weed and makes me extremely uncomfortable.
  11. Now that is an expensive yet justified lifestyle. Props
  12. Was only meant for Sypha, apologies.
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  13. There is almost nothing better in this world than being under the stars when you're stoned as fuck. Preferably at home though because being in a random place at night can be dangerous and not good for being stoned. Also hiking in the morning with a joint is bliss :love-mj2:
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  14. outside would be very cool. :smoke:
  15. Got up at 6 a.m this morning.. im on my 3rd L already..

    Got up made coffee & rolled up..!!

    Wish my house was the only one around with nice weed growing around it, kinda like this).. lol

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  16. real shit my dude. i haven't bought a single pack of wraps in years.

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  17. What are those.. how long are they i enjoy blunts not joints.. is their something long like a blunt, ill be all for trying it out.. ordering some gold papers that u can eat the ashes afterwords, in a couple weeks.. & thinking of getting that glass blunt so theirs no paper just bud smoke my lil bro has 1 and its great!!
  18. just a natural hemp blunt wrap. i think maybe a little bit smaller than a regular cigarillo but whatever the honeypot swirl flavor is the shit.

    ll smoke in my backyard at night but ill usually smoke inside where i can kick back, even more so now that i bought a projector for the basement. BUT im an hvac tech, which means i have a lot of drive time and roof top time. basically i stay high. ive prob got an oz or 2 worth of blunt roaches in a jar i count on when it gets dry.
  19. dont even bother with a glass blunt bro. shits whack unless you pay top $ for one without the shitty o rings.
  20. Outdoors generally for me... but - depends on what’s going on indoors ;)

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