High in the shower

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Pontoon, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. If you're high in the shower...and you have a showerhead that pulses, get up close to it. It sounds just like a helicopter is flying around your head!
    "I love the smell of ganga in the morning. It smells like...victory!" :)
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  2. lol ride on Traveler
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  3. While you're doing that you can let the water run down your arm and pretend you can shoot water streams or laser beams from your fingers
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  4. Good times
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  5. That's fucking stupid.
    You're supposed to kneel beneath the shower head and pretend that you're in Nam' and it's raining and that charlies everywhere.
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  6. hmmm..
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  7. Fun fact: almost all the songs from the band disturbed were written by the lead singer while he was high in the shower

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  8. Consistently done this since I was little lol

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  9. I end up dancing and having my eyes closed half of time and then realize I've already cleaned myself up while singing

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  10. best part of the day is the high shower....

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  11. I would feel, I am the boss of my life:smoking-banana::smoking-banana:
  12. That’s fucking great.

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  13. Aha I do that shit all the time when I’m high af

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  14. showers feel amazing when im high, but they also bring by highness down alot when i get out
  15. Showers kill my buzz completely I shower then smoke
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  16. I think I will set up my hookah with a long hose on the toilet so I can smoke while I shower
  17. Hot baths while high fuckin wreck me.
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    I absolutely love high showers. It’s usually a sativa shower in the morning. I get so lost in my thoughts, I forget to do tasks. Otherwise I am singing with my vocal trance music. I love to let the water run down my head as I wash off the shampoo, etc. feels so f*in amazing.
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  19. Shit. That would just make me paranoid that flying pigs are going around searching homes for growers with infrared cameras.
  20. When I 1st started smoking again after a 15 year break I’d get way too high take a shower throw eye drops in and go for a walk

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