High in school. The happy ending.

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  1. Ok first off. Allow me to introduce myself. I have browsed these forums for maybe two years now just basking in its limitless glory. And just recently I was super high and asked myself "Why the hell don't I have an account?". So anyway here I am. Let me start off by saying this happened to me a few yearrs back, back in high school my sophmorre yearr. Let me also say that I was an idiot. Probably the biggest idiot I have ever known.

    So me and best friend decide to roll a 2 gram blunt before school one day, with the (ever so bright) idea of getting blitzed in school. We meet in our schools varsity locker room (we were both football players and chilled there in the mornings because it was secluded) and he tells me he's to sketched to do it. Well me I skipped my first period every day that year because I hated my teacher she was a bitch. And since I was allready skipping I might as well get high right? I tell my friend I will only smoke half and ill meet him after class. well across from the varsity locker room there's the jv locker room and then a bathroom and showers for the PE kids. I head to one of the huge bathrooms with a lockable door and light the bitch up. Ok boom I hear kids coming in from PE and I'm baked. Time sort of slipped away from me. I throw my lighter in the trash(don't know why? I was high?) Spray myself and my backpack with axe. But I didn't know what to do with the blunt (I couldn't leave it, itso was my boys) so I put it my contact solution bottle that way it won't get bent or anything. (Note that I didn't do this to hide it. I was to high to think of that. I was just looking out for my friend.) Anyway I'm walking towwards my next class and I see my friend and I'm plastered with the "hello I'm high" grin and my friend tells me ill be fucked if I go to class so I skipp again in a different bathroom on campus and listen to music. So I'm sitting there and all of a sudden the school pig is staring over the stall wall at me. He makes me pack up my shit and head to the deans office. The dean asks me what I was doing so I told him I was making up my hw that I didn't do and I was skipping class because I didn't want a zero on it. Well he's an ass hole so he starts searching my bag and tells me "wow you bag really smells.. you want to tell me what's in here or should I find out?" I look at him like he's a fucking idiot. I had smelled my bag and besides a vomit inducing aroma of axe. He was bull shitin. So he's searching and I'm shittin bricks. And all of a sudden bam there's the contact solution bottle in his hands. (I forgot to mention that to put the blunt in the bottle I put the blunt back in its wrapper and then screwed the cap on over the plastic that way it wouldn't get wet on the wallls of the container) the plastics pretty much in the deans face and he just places it on the table and asks me if the reason my eyes were red was because of the contacts. (He feeds me my aliby) I just straight tell him yes sir. So long story short I got super high at school got caught by the deputy. And all I got in trouble for was skipping. Killed my high though. Big bummer. Oh and the best part is I'm walking down the hall from the deans office and there's this huge poster with four leaf clovers with the huge word "lucky" written across it. I about busted a nut.
  2. Stool cory bro
  3. I guess you had to be there haha.
  4. I liked it , actually laughed a couple times, reminds me of my high school days :D LOL
  5. Holy shit, you should have just left the school to blaze. Or you could have just said to your friend 'okay let's blaze after school ma nikka'.
  6. Thats pretty fucking hilarious actually
  7. Yeah, looking back idk wtf I was thinking. Why didn't I just skip school, blaze, then play xbox? I really can't remember what I was thinking. I just thought being high > than school. I was just to stupid to remove school from the equation to begin with.
  8. years back in sophomore year a similar thing happened to me. the difference is that instead of my buddy being too sketch to do it, he did it and then felt too sketch so he blew his hit all over me in the bathroom and ran out. my shit was alrdy in class so i just went back. halfway through class the supervisors came in and took us out and they found all my shit because i knew i was caught so i just showed them where it was. they suspected i was selling though so i got expelled. lawls

    oh and in no way whatsoever am i trying to avoid admitting how much of a dumbass i was to be bringing weed to school and smoking so yeah. just sharing my similar yet much much worse situation
  9. Just to join the crowd, I am a sophomore and on December 6th I was expelled for achieving my second PCS (possession of controlled substance) at school within a whole calendar year.
    I'm sure both of my stories sound a bit more idiotic then yours so no worries. We're all dumbasses at some point.
    I like the story and I'm glad your a member.

  10. tee-hee-hee :hello:
  11. [​IMG]

    Lucky.. You should have left to smoke though.. that makes more sense.
  12. Haha made me laugh. Nice.
  13. Ha awesome story! We normally walked across the street to the park if we wanted to blaze in my school. Dallas has a shit load of cops and it would just be stupid to smoke on school property. Cool story though lol :)
  14. Oh the irony. :wave:
  15. I don't know why you would stay at school while skipping and holding weed, but we all do stuff like that ha. Pretty tight story, glad you made it out with your sack intact.
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